What's mixed reality ? 

Mixed reality includes both virtual reality and augmented reality. It is therefore a mix between VR and AR.

Augmented reality allows you to be in contact with your environment while having access to unlimited information. Virtual reality offers a totally immersive content without taking into account the real space. Mixed reality then takes the advantages of these two realities to offer the best to users.
Mixed reality merges the physical and digital worlds and offers a 3D vision and interaction. Indeed, mixed reality frees users from their screens by offering real interactions in the space where they are thanks to sensors integrated into the headset.
what is mixed reality ?

Mixed reality story 

Mixed reality was democratized with Microsoft's Hololens headset released in 2015. Developed in collaboration with NASA, the Hololens mixed reality headset describes itself as an "autonomous holographic computer." Hololens was designed with multiple sensors to take into account users' movement, space and position. The headset displays a fixed 3D image that is tailored to the real environment.

A professional public

Mixed reality is useful for companies in the industrial, medical or retail sectors, because it guides users in operational actions. For example, a technician will be able to more easily identify the source of his problem. Mixed reality also allows users to work in collaboration by having access to the same information at the same time.
enterprise mixed reality
Image source: Microsoft

The futur of mixed reality 

The Lynx R1 headset developed by Stan Larroque allows new uses of mixed reality. The headset can be used with hands or controllers. Indeed, the tracking of the hands goes up to 6 DoF and allows a total immersion in the virtual world.
Lynx R1 mixed reality