How to choose your VR headset? 

VR is rapidly developing in many fields, such as professional training, modeling and design. It is also increasingly used in personal projects and the video game industry. Soon, VR headsets will no longer be reserved for a minority and will become part of our daily lives. Many companies are starting to integrate VR into their processes of creation, design and production. Whether you have a professional or personal project, you may be asking yourself the following question: "how to choose your VR headset? This article will give you some answers to help you select the right features.
How to choose your VR headset?

The important characteristics to choose your VR headset ?

We will see here the different elements to take into account for your next VR headset purchase. First of all, we advise you to learn about the brands of headsets in order to find the one that corresponds to your VR needs. Indeed, some brands or models of headsets are predisposed to certain uses (Example: PIMAX headset for high-performance gaming / PICO Enterprise headset or Meta Quest Pro headset for professional use). Once you have identified the brand you are interested in, there are several technical characteristics to consider on the different headsets offered. 
How to choose your VR headset? PICO headset
The first important feature is the degree of freedom. You will have the choice between 3 DoF or 6 DoF products; these two designations refer to the freedom of movement you will have in your environment with the headset. The 3 DoF headsets allow:  
- Tilt your head to the right and left
- Turn your head to the left and right
- Tilt the head forward or backward
The 6 DoF headsets allow the same movements with the head as the 3 DoF headsets, but also allow movements with the body: 
- Move forward and backward
- To move forward to the right and to the left (step-chassis type)
- To go up and down 
To continue, it can be interesting to take into account the field of vision offered by the headset. The field of view allows you to extend the area of virtual reality perceived when using the headset. A wider field of view will allow you to better immerse yourself in the VR experience, but it can also result in additional costs. A headset with a 170 or 200 field of view will logically be more expensive than one with a 90 field of view. 
Motion controllers: Some headsets come with motion controllers that allow you to interact with the virtual environment in a more natural way. If you're looking for a more immersive virtual reality experience, opt for a headset that includes motion controllers or offers hands-free control functionality like "Ultraleap."
When choosing your next VR headset, it also seems relevant to ask about the comfort of the headset. If you plan to spend long hours with your VR headset, make sure that it is comfortable to wear and that its weight is not too high (between 500 and 750g). You can also check the quality of the pads and the weight distribution of the headset on your head. 
Finally, it seems necessary to know if you want to opt for a headset that connects to a computer or a standalone headset. Standalone headsets are limited in the use of their electronic chips. While connected headsets can use the computing power of a computer and take advantage of all the software in the Steam library. The power of the headset is also an important factor; standalone headsets use the memory in the headset, while connected headsets benefit from the power in the computer they are connected to. If you choose a connected virtual reality headset, you should logically consider purchasing a computer that will allow you to fully enjoy your future VR experiences. 
How to choose your VR headset? Meta Quest Pro
Summary of elements to consider when choosing your VR headset: 
- The headset manufacturer according to your use 
- The degree of freedom
- The field of view (FOV)
- The controller(s)
- The comfort of the headset 
- The choice between standalone or computer connected headset
You now have all the information you need to choose your next VR headset. We also invite you to compare the headsets between them in terms of technical characteristics (refresh rate, resolution, audio, connection, battery, price ...) to find the offer that best suits your needs. Do not hesitate to visit the Matts Digital website to discover our VR headsets