How Pico Business Suite is Revolutionizing the Corporate VR Experience

If you're seeking a solution to revolutionize your corporate virtual reality (VR) experience, PicoXR's Pico Business Suite is the answer to your search.
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A Business-Oriented Operating Solution

At the heart of the Pico Business Suite software is an operating system tailored for businesses, powering a significant portion of PICO's Virtual Reality (VR) headset lineup, including the brand-new Pico 4 Enterprise.

Synchronization, Streaming, and Kiosk Mode

Three fundamental pillars structure Pico Business Suite: synchronization, streaming, and kiosk mode. In particular, streaming is enhanced by the Pico Streaming Assistant, a user interface that guides the user at every step to ensure a flawless streaming experience.

App Store and Development Kits

Additionally, Pico Business Suite features an app store centered on productivity and business-specific use cases. Businesses can find solutions tailored to their needs or access numerous Android software development kits, enabling them to load custom software onto the Pico VR headset. It's an open platform where you can develop custom software using Android Studio, OpenXR, Unity, and Unreal Engine for your VR headset.