Discover the VR Mobile Case by Matts Digital

Simplify the transportation and management of your technology devices with our specialized VR Mobile Cases. These scalable solutions are designed to meet your needs for mobility and versatility.

Why choose the VR Mobile Case by Matts Digital?

The VR Mobile Case by Matts Digital is much more than just a case.

Choosing our solution means opting for simplicity, performance and efficiency. Whether you're a professional looking for a complete solution for transporting your equipment, or a virtual reality enthusiast, the VR Mobile Case is made for you.

Optimized Mobility

Deploy virtual reality wherever you are, in complete safety, thanks to Nanuk's reinforced carrying case.

Facilitated management

Ideal for group training sessions, with the trainer able to guide participants.

Complete equipment

A complete kit includes virtual reality headsets, a reinforced case, a tablet, a router, a USB hub and is supported by the entire Matts Digital range of services.

100% Customizable

Build a solution that suits you. Remove the excess and add the essentials according to your preferences.

Base package

A VR Mobile case includes at least: 1 Nanuk reinforced case, transport foam designed to protect your helmets during transport and 4 to 6 helmets of your choice from the PICO, META and VIVE ranges.
Meta Quest for Business,Shared Mode
Meta Quest for Business,Shared Mode

3 Different case sizes

Transport Foams

Made to measure, Matts Digital foams allow all the products in the case to be stored neatly and securely
Keep your helmets professionally stored and protected at all times.

Compatible headsets

Meta : Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest PRO
• PICO : G3, Neo 3, Neo 3 Pro, 4 Entreprise
• Vive : Focus 3, XR Elite

Customize your Solution

Add or remove accessories to create a solution that fully meets your needs.


For total autonomy and a Plug and Play experience.

Plug in and use, no more logistical contingencies.
  • Router: Ensure stable connectivity.
  • USB hub: Simplify headset charging.
  • Tablet: Choose the model that best suits your needs.


Receive products already calibrated and preconfigured with all your content.


Customize the look of your helmets and case to reflect your identity.
Add your logo and make sure your VR equipment is as unique as your company.

VR Mobile Case 4 headsets - Basic Pack

Matts Digital offers VR Mobile Case 4 headsets on all its products:

VR Mobile Case 6 casques - Pack de base

Matts Digital propose la VR Mobile Case 4 casques sur l'ensemble de ces produits : 

Services offer

Matts Digital offers support during the deployment of the ArborXR solution on AR/VR headsets.

Setup and Training

800 € excl. VAT
per day
• Creation and configuration of the customer account
• Customization of the customer account with the company logo
• Creation of users and access rights
• Creation of entities 
• Training to the tool
• Remote service with video conferencing and screen sharing

Programming and enrollment of the headset before shipment

70 € excl. VAT
per headset
• Physical installation of ArborXR software on headsets
• Setting up the headsets
• Registration of headsets on the customer's account
• Compliance testing

Maintenance and technical hotline

90 € excl. VAT
per headset and per year
• Technical support by phone and via Teamviewer
• Creation of additional users accounts and entities
• Updating the headset pool at the customer's request
• Updating headset content at the customer's request

Discover Matts Digital's VR Mobile Case solution in video

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.