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Step into our premises located in Angers (49) and explore our logistics center based at Itancia's facilities in La Jubaudière.
Discover our unique service chain in Europe that will guide you from the beginning to the end of your virtual reality and/or augmented reality project.


Design: The initial step to build a tailored offering that reflects your needs.

Project Management 

Matts Digital accompanies you throughout your project to ensure the best quality-cost-time solution.
Thus, Matts Digital ensures a perfect response to your company's needs through its technical and commercial team, which helps you analyze and define your specifications, thereby meeting your expectations.


Our expert team takes care of everything: from the initial setup of your equipment, to pre-loading specific configurations and contents, to assembling your customized bundles using our permanent stock of over 500 references.
So, your solutions will be ready to use.

Financing Offer 

Matts Digital adapts to your projects by enabling you to finance your AR/VR solutions.
In partnership with Locam, Matts Digital offers you a long-term leasing offer to finance your virtual reality and augmented reality solutions, for 24 or 36 months.
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Implementation Support 

Our technical teams assist you in deploying your solutions with in-person or remote assistance via video conferencing and screen sharing.


Throughout the lifecycle of your products, we remain by your side, ensuring optimal use of your solutions.


Matts Digital provides you with a hotline comprising around fifteen technicians available 5/7 days a week and a knowledge base, accessible online 24/24 hours to answer all your questions.

Tranquility Pack

As your satisfaction is our priority, we have established a customer relationship management system with our manufacturers in case of breakdowns.
Thus, Matts Digital takes care of defective products under manufacturer warranty and handles all formalities for you. We also provide you with a technical hotline.

Serenity Pack

In addition to managing manufacturer warranties, Matts Digital offers to send you a replacement headset during the entire repair period under the manufacturer's warranty.
The serenity pack therefore includes the tranquility pack and the replacement of your solutions.

Warranty Extension 

Thanks to the expertise of its technical team, Matts Digital can offer you manufacturer warranty extensions.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets can benefit from a one-year or two-year warranty extension (depending on the brands).


Our industrial capacity allows you to easily deploy your solutions on a large scale, in Europe and internationally.


Our industrial partner, with over 30 years of experience in telecoms, 35,000 m² of warehouse space, and a team of 600 employees. 


We maintain a permanent stock of over 500 references:
  • VR Mobile Case
  • Virtual Reality Headset
  • Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Accessories


Our logistics center enables you to be delivered:
  • in France and Europe within 24/48 hours,
  • internationally via express air transport.

Equipment Rental 

Test before buying or meet a larger need within a predefined period. 


We are always here.
Our commitment is to ensure a respectful and sustainable follow-up for your solutions.

Electronic Repair 

The expertise of our technical center allows you to perform electronic repairs on your AR/VR equipment beyond the manufacturer's warranty.
All products entrusted to us undergo a meticulous procedure and are recorded in our quality system


Matts Digital offers to aesthetically and hygienically refurbish your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment fleet for your solution users to provide more comfort and safety.
Indeed, hygiene and safety are two major issues not to be neglected, especially when it comes to products in daily contact with the face and eyes of your collaborators.


In a concern for ecology and environmental respect, Matts Digital offers to take back your equipment at the end of the project or when your product cannot be repaired, to destroy it in compliance with WEEE recycling standards, providing you with a certificate.
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