VIVE Business Training: Optimize Your Virtual Reality Training

Maximize the impact and effectiveness of your training with an intuitive and powerful platform.
Vive Business Training is more than just a VR training application. It's a control center that allows you to design and synchronize training streams for multiple users, scaling up to over 300 VR devices simultaneously.
With easy setup, real-time monitoring, and seamless content transfer features, this solution revolutionizes how you manage your training sessions.


Sales Demonstrations 

Impress your clients and partners with VR sales demonstrations and product presentations.
Vive Business Training provides an ideal platform to showcase your products in an immersive manner, allowing your clients to explore them from all angles and better understand their features.

Offline Events 

Animate your offline events and conference rooms with captivating virtual reality experiences.
Whether for academic seminars, professional conferences, or exhibitions, Vive Business Training adds an immersive dimension to your events, capturing attention and stimulating participant engagement.

Staff Training 

Optimize your staff training by providing them with immersive and engaging training experiences.
Whether for initial training, skill enhancement, or safety awareness, Vive Business Training enables the creation of realistic and interactive training environments.


Device Monitoring 

Monitor real-time connection status, power levels, and storage capacity of VR devices.

Content Transfer 

Send content to multiple devices simultaneously and manage it from a local or online platform.

Content Interaction Management 

Start and finish training content simultaneously on multiple devices with a single click. Customize video playback flow and speed, as well as control over 3D models.

Data Collection and Analysis 

Collect real-time data to generate detailed analytical reports, ranging from basic hardware usage to user behavioral analysis.


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VIVE has developed a set of professional software to address the range of issues that today's professionals may encounter..

Vive Business+

VIVE Business+ is software accompanied by dedicated services for businesses that simplify operations on VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3.
Discover the integrated efficiency in a single platform and take control of your VIVE devices with ease.
Manage your devices, content, and access advanced features such as:
  • kiosk mode,
  • visual odometry,
  • LBSS Vive software suite,
  • customization options.

Vive Business Streaming

Vive Business Streaming adds a new dimension to your standalone Vive Focus 3 and Vive XR Elite VR headsets.
Immerse yourself in a world where standalone virtual reality (VR) meets the power of computers with Vive Business Streaming. A groundbreaking innovation that opens new horizons for VR professionals.
It connects your headsets to the power of a PC, thus opening the door to richer experiences and more complex applications.

Sevices offer

Matts Digital offers support during the deployment of the Vive Business+ solution on VR headsets.


 • Creation and configuration of the customer account
• Customization of the customer account with the company logo
• Creation of users and access rights
• Creation of entities 
• Remote service with video conferencing and screen sharing to help for installation

Programming and enrollment of the headset before shipment

• Physical installation of VIVE Business+ software on headsets
• Setting up the headsets
• Registration of headsets on the customer's account
• Compliance testing

Maintenance and technical hotline

 • Technical support by phone and via Teamviewer
• Creation of additional users accounts and entities
• Updating the headset pool at the customer's request
• Updating headset content at the customer's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.