VIVE Business Streaming, the power of your PC in your standalone VR headsets 

VIVE Business Streaming offers a new dimension to your Vive Focus 3 and Vive XR Elite standalone VR headsets.
Immerse yourself in a world where standalone virtual reality (VR) meets the power of computers with Vive Business Streaming. A groundbreaking innovation that opens new horizons for VR professionals.
This software connects your headsets to the power of a PC, thereby opening the door to richer experiences and more complex applications.


As part of the Vive Business software suite, Streaming allows professionals to connect their Vive Focus 3 and Vive XR Elite headsets to a PC.
Its goal? To allow users to harness the power of a computer to run more complex and visually intensive VR applications, while retaining the freedom of movement offered by standalone headsets.
Support for PC-VR Platforms: Vive Business Streaming offers seamless compatibility with the two major PC-VR content platforms:
  • SteamVR and Viveport. With SteamVR, access a vast library including titles for 3D design, remote collaboration, simulation training, and much more.
  • Viveport Infinity offers you an unlimited virtual reality experience with curated content and new titles added regularly.
  • But also Unreal Engine and Unity Software.



Vive Business Streaming is compatible with Vive Focus 3 and Vive XR Elite.



  • Wifi: for wireless PC-VR comfort
  • VIVE streaming cable: for better PC-VR performance


VIVE has developed a suite of professional software to address all the challenges that today's professionals may encounter. 

Vive Business+

VIVE Business+ is software accompanied by dedicated services for businesses that simplifies operations on VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3.
Discover the integrated efficiency in a single platform, and take control of your VIVE devices with ease.
Manage your devices, content, and access advanced features such as:
  • kiosk mode,
  • visual odometry,
  • LBSS Vive software suite,
  • customization options.

Vive Business Training

Maximize the impact and effectiveness of your training with an intuitive and powerful platform.
Vive Business Training is much more than just a VR training application. It's a control center that allows you to design and synchronize training streams for multiple users, up to over 300 VR devices simultaneously.
With simple setup, real-time monitoring, and easy content transfer features, this solution revolutionizes how you manage your training sessions.

Paramétrage et formation

• Création et paramétrage du compte client 
• Personnalisation du compte client avec le logo de la société 
• Création des utilisateurs et des droits d’accès 
• Création des entités 
• Formation à l’outil 
• Prestation à distance en visioconférence et partage d’écran

Programmation des casques avant expédition

• Installation physique du logiciel sur les casques
• Paramétrage des casques
• Inscription des casques sur le compte du client
• Tests de conformité

Maintenance du parc et hotline technique

• Assistance technique par téléphone et via Teamviewer
• Création de comptes utilisateurs et entités supplémentaires
• Mise à jour du parc de casques à la demande du client
• Mise à jour du contenu des casques à la demande du client

Sevices offer

Matts Digital offers support during the deployment of the Vive Business+ solution on VR headsets.


 • Creation and configuration of the customer account
• Customization of the customer account with the company logo
• Creation of users and access rights
• Creation of entities 
• Remote service with video conferencing and screen sharing to help for installation

Programming and enrollment of the headset before shipment

• Physical installation of VIVE Business+ software on headsets
• Setting up the headsets
• Registration of headsets on the customer's account
• Compliance testing

Maintenance and technical hotline

 • Technical support by phone and via Teamviewer
• Creation of additional users accounts and entities
• Updating the headset pool at the customer's request
• Updating headset content at the customer's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.