Showtime VR, immerse yourself in Synchronized Virtual Reality

Discover the future of marketing and advertising with Showtime VR, a revolutionary solution that allows your customers to experience an innovative and entertaining journey while exploring your products in 360° virtual reality, both in 2D and 3D.
With Showtime VR, provide your audience with an unforgettable VR experience. Whether for sales presentations, cultural or educational events, this custom solution adapts to all your needs.


Organize your VR events with synchronized playback, whether for a single headset or hundreds of devices.
Easily monitor the status of each device (battery, volume, temperature) and centrally manage content.
Control one or multiple VR headsets simultaneously, providing a smooth and seamless experience for your users.

Content Library and Management 

Use the library solution to easily manage content on all connected VR headsets, without having to do it manually one by one via cable.
Automatically download video content to all headsets at once, simplifying the content update and management process.

Playback Statistics and Subtitles 

Collect statistics on your plays, ideal for businesses, festivals, and events offering paid content.
Also, enjoy built-in subtitles with head tracking for an inclusive experience, as well as spatial and synchronized audio for total immersion.

Remote Management and Narrative Branching 

Easily control your VR headsets from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or PC, and use the narrative branching solution to create unique interactive experiences for your audience. 

Showtime VR Online

Manage video playback on numerous VR headsets located anywhere in the world, connected to the Internet.
Ideal for online events, distance education, and managing multiple VR locations from one place. 
ShowTime VR Online Matts Digital

Simplified Remote Management 

With Showtime VR Online, you can easily manage video playback on numerous VR headsets located anywhere in the world, all connected to the Internet.
The ShowTime VR platform allows you to download and update content, monitor device status, and collect playback performance data, all from a user-friendly interface. 

Borderless Virtual Events 

Organize large-scale VR events without the constraints of physical location.
Whether you have 10 or 10,000 VR headsets distributed worldwide, Showtime VR Online allows you to synchronize video playback and provide an immersive experience to your audience, wherever they are.

Extended Compatibility 

Showtime VR is compatible with a wide range of VR headsets, including Meta, Pico, HTC Vive, and many others, providing maximum flexibility to meet your specific needs. 

Showtime VR Local

The Showtime VR Local solution is designed for on-site use, ideal for classrooms, VR cinemas, museums, exhibitions, fairs, events, or training. Choose from our different licenses based on your specific needs.
ShowTime VR Local Matts Digital

Stability and Ease of Use 

With Showtime VR Local, all VR headsets you want to synchronize must be connected to the same local WiFi network.
This solution offers optimal stability to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted participant flow, while providing a user-friendly interface for simplified management.

Custom Lifetime Licenses 

Choose from various lifetime licenses based on the number of headsets you want to synchronize.
Options are available for 3, 10, 25, and 50 headsets, with the possibility of upgrading to synchronize more devices.

Extended Compatibility 

Showtime VR Local est compatible avec une large gamme de casques VR, y compris Meta, Pico , HTC Vive  et bien d'autres, offrant ainsi une flexibilité maximale pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques.


Choose a solution that suits your needs 

ShowTime VR Online

Starting from 
8€ excl. VAT
per headset per month
• Manage your VR fleet dispersed in different locations
• Flexible plans
• Library - content management
• Storage and transfer included
• Regular updates
• Assistance service

ShowTime VR Local

Starting from 
 32€ excl. VAT
per headset
• Lifetime license
• No need for internet
• 10 to 50 VR headsets
• Regular updates
• Assistance service


• Création et paramétrage du compte client 
• Personnalisation du compte client 
• Création des utilisateurs et des droits d’accès 
• Création des entités 
• Aide à la mise en place
• Prestation à distance en visioconférence et partage d’écran

Programmation des casques avant expédition

• Paramétrage des casques
• Inscription des casques sur le compte du client
• Tests de conformité

Maintenance du parc et hotline technique

• Assistance technique par téléphone et via Teamviewer
• Création de comptes utilisateurs et entités supplémentaires
• Mise à jour du parc de casques à la demande du client
• Mise à jour du contenu des casques à la demande du client

Sevices offer

Matts Digital offers support during the deployment of the Vive Business+ solution on VR headsets.


 • Creation and configuration of the customer account
• Customization of the customer account with the company logo
• Creation of users and access rights
• Creation of entities 
• Remote service with video conferencing and screen sharing to help for installation

Programming and enrollment of the headset before shipment

• Physical installation of VIVE Business+ software on headsets
• Setting up the headsets
• Registration of headsets on the customer's account
• Compliance testing

Maintenance and technical hotline

 • Technical support by phone and via Teamviewer
• Creation of additional users accounts and entities
• Updating the headset pool at the customer's request
• Updating headset content at the customer's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.