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In today's digital world, where our electronic devices have become extensions of ourselves, it's essential to ensure their hygiene and cleanliness. At Matts Digital, we understand this necessity, which is why we are committed to providing the most effective cleaning products for your technological solutions.

Summary :

  • 1. Ensuring a Healthy Environment 
  • 2. Available Solutions
    • A) Les solutions Uvisan
    • B) Les solutions Cleanbox
    • C) Les solutions Zeiss
  • 3. Other complementary solutions
    • A) Ront Assepto wipes
    • B) T'nB Eco Clean spray
    • C) Hygienic masks
    • D) Hair covers

1. Ensuring a Healthy Environment

Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment is essential for the health and well-being of all occupants. Whether you work in an office, a restaurant, a hospital, or any other professional setting, cleanliness and hygiene must be top priorities. Matts Digital's hygiene and maintenance solutions provide an effective response to this crucial requirement, offering peace of mind and maximum protection.
Matts Digital offers a diverse range of hygiene solutions for your equipment and electronic devices, each providing unique benefits to ensure a healthy and secure environment. Our products effectively eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses while preserving the integrity of your devices.

2. Available Solutions

The Uvisan cabinets stand out for their ability to disinfect up to 30 devices in just 2 minutes, while also allowing device charging through their built-in USB charging points. With cutting-edge technology, they eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
For a more detailed overview of what this product has to offer, please refer to this presentation video.
The Cleanbox products stand out for their speed, providing a 99.99% decontamination in just 1 minute. Utilizing LED UVC technology, they ensure precise cleaning while preserving the integrity of electronic devices
For a more detailed overview of what this product has to offer, please refer to this presentation video.
For those who prioritize renowned quality, Zeiss cleaning products are a reliable option. They remove 100% of greasy residues while gently cleaning all optical surfaces, ensuring crystal-clear clarity without compromising on quality.
Kit optical Zeiss

3. Other complementary solutions

The Ront Assepto disinfectant wipes, a convenient and effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your environment. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of surfaces, from VR headsets to computer peripherals, these wipes are designed for rinse-free use, leaving behind a clean and fresh environment. Their gentle formula is non-irritating to the skin and eyes, providing additional peace of mind.
Illustration lingettes Ront assepto
The T'nB Eco Clean spray is a versatile cleaner specially designed to care for your screens. Its formula, made from environmentally friendly organic ingredients, ensures safe and non-toxic cleaning for you, your loved ones, and your pets. Fragrance and dye-free, it is even suitable for those sensitive to chemicals. Give your screens a spotless clean while preserving your health and the environment
Illustration spray T'nB eco clean
Discover our pack of 100 disposable hygiene masks specially designed to fit the most popular VR headsets such as  HTC VIVE or META. Made from soft, skin-friendly non-woven material, these masks provide effective protection against sweat, cosmetics, and dirt, thereby preserving the cleanliness of your headset. With their disposable design, you can easily share your VR experience with others. Enjoy your virtual reality to the fullest without compromising on your comfort or safety.
Illustration masques de protection
Discover our pack of 100 disposable polypropylene hair covers, providing secure hold and optimal head protection. With their non-woven polypropylene design, these hairnets ensure a snug fit and reliable protection. Featuring heat-sealed elastic bands and welded ends, they are perfectly suited for a variety of uses. Available in one size and white color, these hairnets are convenient and functional for daily use.
illustration charlottes

To conclude, at Matts Digital, we prioritize the hygiene and cleanliness of your technological devices. With our range of advanced hygiene solutions, including Uvisan cabinets, Cleanbox products, and Zeiss cleaning products, you can be assured that your devices will remain clean, safe, and high-performing. Discover our solutions today and make hygiene a priority in your digital environment.
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