Magic Leap 2: a range of offers adapted to all profiles

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In our exploration of Magic Leap, we'll discover how this company is revolutionizing the digital landscape with augmented reality.

Summary :

  • 1. Magic Leap and its commitment to augmented reality
    • A) Augmented reality at Magic Leap
    • B) Magic Leap redefines the boundaries of augmented reality with mixed reality
  • 2. Magic Leap 2: augmented reality for businesses  
    • A) Details and features of the Magic Leap 2
    • B) Exploit its different capacities for your different uses
  • 3. Software to meet your professional needs
    • A) The Magic Leap 2 for businesses
    • B) Magic Leap 2 Dev Pro
    • C) Magic Leap 2 Ent 2 year License
    • D) Magic Leap 2 Ent Perpetual License

1. Magic Leap and its commitment to augmented reality

A) Augmented reality at Magic Leap
Magic Leap's commitment to augmented reality is reflected in its desire to create experiences that enrich and amplify our everyday reality.
With its user-centered approach rather than simply replicating the real world, Magic Leap aims to enhance it by introducing virtual elements in a fluid and natural way.

The company is also committed to making augmented reality accessible to a wide range of users, from creative developers to businesses looking for innovative solutions.
Through strategic partnerships and community development initiatives, Magic Leap has created a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem where ideas can thrive and come to fruition.
What sets Magic Leap apart from other augmented reality brands is its take on mixed reality. Mixed reality is a fusion between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), where interactive virtual objects are overlaid and seamlessly integrated into the real world. This approach allows Magic Leap to create more immersive and engaging experiences, where users can interact with virtual objects as if they were part of their physical environment. Through mixed reality, Magic Leap opens new perspectives in the field of AR, offering richer and more dynamic experiences.

2. Magic Leap 2: augmented reality for businesses

The Magic Leap 2 is an essential augmented reality product with its advanced computing power, high-resolution display and ergonomic design. Equipped with a powerful processor and extensive storage capacity, it offers a smooth and immersive experience. Its powerful display and precise movement tracking ensure exceptional visual quality and perfect synchronization with the real world. In addition, its lightweight and comfortable design guarantees optimal comfort for prolonged use.
The Magic Leap 2 offers unlimited potential for different industries, as demonstrated in YouTube videos on AEC (architecture, engineering and construction), healthcare and manufacturing. With its advanced augmented reality features, it helps explore new ways to interact with the environment, visualize 3D models, provide more personalized healthcare and revolutionize manufacturing processes. By combining power, precision and versatility, the Magic Leap 2 opens new perspectives to fully exploit its potential in various fields of application.

For a more detailed look at what this product has to offer, check out this video.

3. Software to meet your professional needs

Magic Leap 2 offers businesses the opportunity to access software designed for them and their needs. With an enterprise version of the OS, the Magic Leap 2 offers additional features to its basic version.
A multi-user mode has been added to the enterprise OS version, as well as iris authentication making it easier to enter a user session.
With this version of the Magic Leap 2 enterprise OS, it is now possible to make it compatible with the AR Cloud, offering spatial data synchronization across all your devices.
Finally, the Magic Leap 2 enterprise OS allows compatibility with OpenXR providing access to remote rendering.
This Developer PRO version of Magic Leap 2 stands out in particular for its dedicated business operating system and a lifetime license, thus offering a complete solution for developers and businesses wishing to explore the possibilities of augmented reality.
Illustration Magic Leap 2 en utilisation
The Ent version. 2 year License of Magic Leap 2 is designed to meet the requirements of professionals with its specific operating system for businesses and its 2-year license. This version also has an extended 2 year warranty.
Illustration Magic Leap 2 en utilisation
This version is very similar to the Magic Leap 2 Ent. 2 year License in terms of its operating system for businesses, its limited warranty of 2 years, as well as its technical characteristics. On the other hand, the duration of its license differs and extends for life instead of 2 years.
Illustration Magic Leap 2 en utilisation

In conclusion, Magic Leap continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and transforming the way we interact with technology. Through our exploration of Magic Leap's different offerings, we have seen how Magic Leap 2 stands out with its advanced features and versatility, providing endless possibilities for businesses and users.

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