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Recycling Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices is of crucial importance, as it allows for the recovery of valuable materials and reduces the demand for new resources in the interest of environmental preservation. Matts Digital recognizes this necessity and is fully committed to providing you with a convenient and responsible recycling solution. By integrating this option into our services, we enable you to take concrete steps to reduce your environmental footprint while responsibly disposing of your non-repairable equipment. For Matts Digital, offering a recycling option is not just an additional service, but also a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the field of technology.
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Our company ensures that each device is collected and processed according to strict electrical and electronic equipment recycling (WEEE) standards, thereby guaranteeing that valuable materials are recovered and reintroduced into the supply chain. In addition to meeting your recycling needs, our service enables you to demonstrate your commitment to environmental preservation and electronic waste reduction. We also offer you the opportunity to request a WEEE certificate, attesting to your contribution to sustainable electronic waste management practices. While additional fees are associated with this request, the certificate serves to highlight your environmental and social commitments while ensuring enhanced regulatory compliance.

The WEEE recycling standards

The WEEE standards refer to standards related to the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. These standards are established to regulate the collection, processing, reuse, and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment to minimize their environmental impact and promote responsible waste management. Generally, they include guidelines on selective collection of WEEE, reduction of hazardous substances in these equipment, as well as specific requirements for processing and recycling various types of WEEE. The WEEE standards are designed to ensure that electronic waste management is carried out safely, environmentally friendly, and in compliance with applicable legislation.
Asking for a WEEE certificate when recycling your devices allows you to enhance your brand image, ensure transparency and traceability of your practices, and contribute to your CSR goals.
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