PICO Business for Efficient Business Management

PICO Business, your comprehensive XR platform offering 3 essential capabilities: easy management, deep customization, and data security. PICO Business has empowered over 4000 professional users with an integrated XR solution for various scenarios (education, medical, training, marketing...).
Discover the integrated efficiency in a single platform, and easily take control of your PICO devices.
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PICO OS Illustration

Monitor Your PICO Devices on a Large Scale

PICO Business provides professionals with access to an Enterprise Operating System offering 4 specificities :

PUI (PICO User Interface)

An interface with easy access to applications for professionals.

Business Settings

Easy-to-understand settings enabling professionals to be more efficient.

LBE (Location-Based Entertainment)

Location-based Play Space sharing among different VR headsets.

Business Store

A store bringing together top XR content developers, offering quality applications to businesses.

PICO User Interface (PUI)

To meet the personalized needs of business customers for systems and PUI applications, PICO Business offers a variety of configurations allowing enterprises to customize their systems through visualized pages and interfaces.
PICO Business PUI (user interface)
The new user interface of PICO's Enterprise Operating System consists of 3 blocks: The Announcement screen contains the poster as well as the announcement headline, date, and details. This allows businesses easy access to announcements. PICO will publish announcements for professional devices on this screen.
On this screen, businesses can click on videos and web links as well as download and update applications. The recommendations screen contains 7 widgets for professionals. The Dock contains icons to quickly bring users to the user center, applications, and system settings.

Business Settings

To meet businesses' needs for systems and applications, PICO offers various configurable elements in professional settings, allowing companies to customize their own settings.
PICO BUSINESS Settings Illustration
These configurations mainly include: basic settings (exclusive configuration capacity), home apps settings (supports setting a third-party app as the home app), system configurations (supports button customization), quick start, and device information viewing.

LBE (location-based entertainment)

Interactive real-time multiplayer VR applications, running offline, support real-time positioning (LBE) of multiple headsets through the Play Space of the PICO Business platform. Users can scan their environment in the Play Space using a single device, create a map, and share it with the headsets of all other users.
Core technologies like SLAM scanning and map sharing provide the best option for large-scale deployment. They offer benefits such as reducing the cost of traditional play spaces by up to 90%. Deployment of a 10x10 meter site takes less than 15 minutes. It supports a maximum space of 30x30 square meters.
PICO LBE Illustration

Business Store

PICO Business Store aims to bring together the top XR content developers globally to provide businesses with high-quality XR (extended reality) applications. In the Business Store, you can discover, create, and experience all the XR content necessary to meet the requirements of various professional scenarios.
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PICO Business License

Contact us now to take advantage of the PICO Business offer and pair your first virtual reality headset.

Enterprise OS License

PUI (PICO User Interface)
• intuitive professional user interface
LBE (Location-Based Entertainment)
• customized LBE support for an immersive experience
Customized Business Settings 
• customized configuration for businesses
Business Store
• professional XR applications store

Business Suite

• Control and synchronization of multiple VR headsets
• Multi-headset HD VR content streaming
Kiosk Mode
• Automatic playback of VR content
Device Management
• Monitoring and control of PICO devices
Custom Themes
• Customizable home screen themes

Business Streaming

Additional option to the license :
Wi-Fi Streaming
• 5GHz router, Category 6 Ethernet cable
USB Streaming
• 4-5m USB 3.0 USB-A / USB-C cable
DisplayPort Streaming
• Use PICO's official DP cable to connect the headset and the computer

PICO Devices

Matts Digital offers the entire range of PICO headsets for sale.

Service provision

Matts Digital provides support during the deployment of the PICO Business solution on AR/VR headsets.


• Client account creation and setup
• Client account customization with company logo
• User and access rights creation
• Entity creation
• Remote video conferencing and screen sharing for assistance during software setup

Headset Programming Before Shipment

• Physical installation of PICO Business software on the headsets
• Configuration of the headsets
• Registration of the headsets to the client's account
• Compliance testing

Park maintenance and technical hotline

• Technical support by phone and via Teamviewer
• Creation of user accounts and additional entities
• Updating the headset fleet at the client's request
• Updating headset content at the client's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.