PICO Business Streaming, for an immersive VR experience

PICO Business Streaming is a suite of streaming assistance software enabling users to experience Steam platform content on PICO VR headset via streaming.
This cutting-edge technology powers a variety of virtual reality headsets, including the brand-new Pico 4 Enterprise.
Explore how PICO Business Streaming redefines standards in terms of user experience and professional functionality.
PICO Business Official Partner

Three elements structure PICO Business Streaming:

Wi-Fi Streaming

Prerequisites for PICO Wi-Fi Streaming: 5GHz router, Category 6 Ethernet cable

USB wired Streaming

Prerequisites for PICO USB Cable Streaming: 4-5m USB 3.0 USB-A / USB-C cable

DisplayPort Streaming

Prerequisites for PICO DisplayPort Streaming: Use PICO's official DP cable to connect the headset and the computer.

Wi-Fi Streaming

The computer must be connected to the router with a network cable, and a Category 6 network cable is required. You will need a wireless router compatible with the 5 GHz band. Wi-Fi streaming offers advantages: no need for a direct connection to the computer, and no constraints in this regard.
PICO Business Wi-Fi Streaming

USB wired Streaming

Streaming via DisplayPort involves connecting a USB-A connector on one end, and a USB-C connector on the other end. The speed must meet the USB 3.0 or higher transmission rate, and the cable should have a length of approximately 4 to 5 meters. USB cable streaming offers advantages: as the cable is connected to the computer, it ensures fast and stable image transmission.
PICO Business USB wired Streaming

DisplayPort Streaming

Streaming via DisplayPort involves connecting one end to the DP port of the headset and the other end to the DP port of the computer. Please use the official PICO DP cable. DisplayPort streaming offers advantages: as the data cable is connected to the computer, it ensures fast and stable image transmission.
PICO Business DisplayPort Streaming

Discover PICO Business

PICO has developed a suite of enterprise software to address all the challenges that today's professionals may encounter.

Enterprise OS License

PUI (PICO User Interface)
• intuitive professional user interface
LBE (Location-Based Entertainment)
• custom LBE support for an immersive experience
Customized Business Settings
• customized configuration for businesses
Business Store
• professional XR application stores


Business Suite

• Control and synchronization of multiple VR headsets
• Multi-headset HD VR content streaming
Kiosk Mode
• Automatic playback of VR content
Device Management
• Monitoring and control of PICO devices
Custom Themes
• Ability to customize home screen themes

PICO Devices

Matts Digital offers the full range of PICO VR headsets compatible with the Business Suite.

Service provision

Matts Digital offers support during the deployment of your PICO solutions.

Configuration and assistance with setup

• Creation and configuration of the customer account
• Customer account customization
• Creation of users and access rights
• Creation of entities
• Assistance with setup
• Remote service via video conference and screen sharing

Headset programming before shipment

• Configuration of headsets
• Registration of headsets on the customer's account
• Compliance testing

Park maintenance and technical hotline

• Technical support by phone and via TeamViewer
• Creation of additional user accounts and entities
• Updating the headset fleet at the client's request
• Updating headset content at the client's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information.