Base Station 2.0 Mounting Kit

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Wall mount for base stations 2.0
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Mounting kit for Base Station 2.0

This mounting kit allows you to install your SteamVR 2.0 base station on the ceiling or wall. So create a virtual reality room at the scale of your room.

How to install your 2.0 base stations?

Before choosing your installation, make sure you have enough space. Room-level installation requires a minimum clearance of 2 m x 1.5 m. Static experiments do not have a space requirement.

You will need a screwdriver or drill to install the brackets. Remember to peel the protective film off the panel after mounting the base stations.

1. Mark where you want to install each of the mounts on your wall, and then screw the mounts in. When mounting on concrete or drywall, first drill inch holes and insert anchors before screwing mounts in.

2. Rotate the base station to screw it onto the threaded ball joint. Do not screw the base station all the way in, only enough to be stable and oriented correctly.

3.Tighten the wingnut to the base station to secure it in place.

Kit de montage HTC VIVE Stations de base 2.0

4. To adjust the angle of the base station, loosen the clamping ring while carefully holding the base station to prevent it from falling.

5. Tilt the base station toward the play area. To fix the angle of the base station, tighten the clamping ring back in.

6.Attach the power cable to each base station.

Kit de montage HTC VIVE Stations de base 2.0

Content of the box:

2 supports with ball joint
4 screws

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