use case healthy mind vr immersive experience in action
"Healthy Mind is a company committed to developing innovations for stress and pain management, positioning itself as a leader in the field of mental health by combining neuroscience, medical hypnosis and virtual reality..."
illustration of PICO Neo 3 limited edition

The limited edition PICO Neo 3 Pro: an exclusive not to be missed!

"We are delighted to unveil the special edition Pico Neo 3 Pro, available exclusively at Matts Digital! This exclusive edition builds upon the already impressive features of the Pico Neo 3 Pro and adds even more value to enhance your virtual reality experience, all at the same price of €600 excluding tax."
illustration of Eyesoft

The Eyesoft use case: when Matts Digital exports innovation internationally

"Eyesoft, founded by two orthoptists, has embarked on the development of innovative software to strengthen eye muscles and analyze the visual behavior of eyeglass wearers, thus distinguishing itself as a pioneer in visual comfort through the use of virtual reality. The company aims to become an expert in visual analysis and rehabilitation in France and expand its presence internationally. To meet these challenges, Eyesoft has sought the assistance of Matts Digital to outsource its logistics..."
illustration of Magic Leap 2
"In a constantly evolving digital world, it is crucial to stay informed of the latest advances. At Matts Digital, we are passionate about technological innovation and strive to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information.
In our exploration of Magic Leap, we'll discover how this company is revolutionizing the digital landscape with augmented reality.."
illustration of hygienic solutions
"In today's digital world, where our electronic devices have become extensions of ourselves, it is essential to ensure their hygiene and cleanliness. At Matts Digital, we understand this necessity, which is why we are committed to providing the most effective cleaning products for your technological solutions."
Meta quest for business
"For the 5th consecutive year, Matts Digital will be present at booth A36. As a leading distributor in the French and European markets, Matts Digital will showcase its comprehensive range of products and services, highlighting its crucial role as a link and support between manufacturers and software publishers."
Meta quest for business
"Meta Quest for Business emerges as a transformative solution, reshaping the VR landscape and simplifying VR adoption for businesses. Let's explore how it differs from other Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, and how professionals can access its capabilities."
Insight Meta Quest for Business
Explore How Meta Quest for Business Revolutionizes VR Headset Management for Businesses. Dive into its Key Features, Comparative Advantages, and Associated Services from Matts Digital.
META Quest 2
Explore our step-by-step guide on adding a spacer to the PICO 4 Entreprise. A comprehensive guide to maximize your comfort, ensuring an unparalleled VR experience.
META Quest 2
Diving into the captivating world of Virtual Reality (VR) with glasses can sometimes be a challenge. At Matts Digital, we understand the importance of making this immersive experience accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a detailed guide on how to wear the META Quest 2 VR headset while wearing glasses.
Pico Business Suite

HTC Vive: The Rise of the New Autonomous Tracker for the B2B Market

HTC Vive has long been recognized as a pioneer in virtual reality. With the recent announcement of its new autonomous tracker, the company reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of VR technology, especially in the B2B sector.
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How to choose your VR headset?
VR is rapidly developing in many fields, such as professional training, modeling and design. It is also increasingly used in personal projects and the video game industry. Soon, VR headsets will no longer be reserved for a minority and will become part of our daily lives. 
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Pico Business Suite

How Pico Business Suite is Transforming the Corporate VR Experience

Discover how PicoXR's Pico Business Suite is revolutionizing the corporate VR experience with its robust and flexible features tailored to your business's specific needs. Join our exclusive workshop on September 13, 2023, to learn more!
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Pico Business Suite
In the bustling world of digital technology, every technological advancement promises evolution for the professional sphere.
Matts Digital, a key player in AR and VR solutions, is proud to introduce two gems of innovation by Lenovo: the VRX headset and the A3 glasses.