BOBO VR - M3 Pro - QUEST 3

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BoboVR M3 Pro headband with battery for META Quest 3
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BoboVR M3 Pro Headband with Battery for Meta Quest 3 


  1. Discover the BoboVR M3 Pro headband with battery, specially designed to enhance your experience with the Meta Quest 3 Headset. This innovative accessory boasts outstanding ergonomics and comfort.   

    Unmatched comfort 

    The BoboVR M3 Pro headband provides optimum support for your forehead, distributing the weight of the VR glasses evenly over your entire head. Enjoy extended VR sessions without the usual fatigue.  

    Removable battery  

    Equipped with a removable battery that attaches and detaches magnetically to the back of the headband, BoboVR M3 Pro lets you extend your VR adventures without interruption. Changing the battery is quick and easy, even in the middle of a gaming session, ensuring that your Meta Quest 3 never runs out of power.  

    M3 Pro headband highlights 

    • Ergonomic design for long-lasting comfort
    • Balanced weight distribution to reduce fatigue
    • Removable battery with magnetic attachment for extended battery life
    • Quick and easy battery change, even during play

  2. BOBO VR M3 Pro specifications 

    Brand BoboVR Model M3 Pro
    Fits for META Quest 3 Weight 0.140 kg

  3. Included

    - Bobo M3 strap elite headband
    - PU leather padding
    - B2 battery
    - USB-C cable

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