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Connect your AR glasses Rokid Air Pro with the GOOVIS battery
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Connect your AR glasses Rokid Air and Air Pro with the GOOVIS battery

  1. The GOOVIS battery allows you to connect your Rokid Air and Rokid Air Pro augmented reality glasses to your smartphone or your PC. Lightweight and compact, you can work or relax wherever you are.

    Easy to use

    Connect the battery (HDMI or USB Type-C) to your computer or connect it via WiFi easily. Expand your displays and enjoy efficient work, smooth group meetings, social sharing and more!

    GOOVIS Wireless Battery for Rokid Air and Air Pro is a great solution for mobile portability, only compatible for Android phones and Windows and Linux computers.

    Batterie sans fil Rokid Air et Air Pro

    Dual-band 2.4G + 5G technology provides high bandwidth, anti-interference. GOOVIS Wireless Battery supports 802.11 ac protocol, which ensures smooth dual-band switching based on signal strength. Enjoy better picture quality, more stable and fast data transmission without splashing.

  2. Specs of GOOVIS Wireless battery for Rokid 

     Brand  GOOVIS
     Wi-Fi  2.4G/ 5G 802.11ac 
     Resolution 1080P@60fps  
     Media Output  HDMI + USB Type-C
     Power bank Interface  DC 5 V/2 A (Type-C)
     Dimensions  87 (L) x 61 (l) x 10 (H) mm 
     Weight  56 g
     Plateforms  Windows, Linux, Android
     Compatibility  Téléphone, PC, Télévision

    Caractéristiques Batterie Rokid Air et Air Pro