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Backpack harness for HP Z VR Backpack
163.00 €
Eco-Tax Incl: 0.25 €
Allows users to comfortably experience their virtual reality experience with the lightweight, durable HP Z VR Backpack computers. 

  1. Ergonomic design

    Stay comfortable with this harness, which features a simple-pull adjustable belt strap, chest strap, sliding shoulder straps and collars for easy management. The polyester material guarantees mobility with ease. 

    Virtual Reality headset management 

    Use the handy mounting device on your headset, located on the harness strap, to securely store your virtual reality headset on the harness.

    Quick installation of your virtual reality computer

    Go even faster with mounting your HP Z VR Backpack computer on the polycarbonate mount plate with the quick locking/unlocking latch. Two secure battery cases with power cables connect directly to the installed computer. Batteries sold separately. 

  2. Packaging content
    - Harness
    - Documentation

    Weight 1,19 kg

    System features 

    - Ergonomic settings: belts strap, chest strap, shoulder strap 
    - Quick adjustment with a simple pull. Sliding clamp collars for easy management.
    - HP Z VR computer mounting plate: robust polycarbonate with fast locking/unlocking latch
    - Battery cases: two fixed battery cases with power cables for connecting the installed VR computer 
    - Virtual reality headset management: includes the Fidlock loop-type fastening mechanism to allow the Virtual Reality headset to be placed on the harness

    Minimum dimensions (L x D x H) 40,64 x 52,07 x 2,29 cm