HUAWEI E7585-330 - Mobile wifi 4G

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HUAWEI Mobile wifi 4G
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HUAWEI Mobile wifi 4G

  1. Enjoy a secure connection at all times with the Huawei E7585-330 4G box.

    Forget about random connections and unsecured networks with your Huawei E7585-330 4G box and enjoy a secure and stable connection at all times. Its robust and long-lasting 3000 mAh battery guarantees you up to twelve hours of battery life. Stay connected from your smartphone, laptop or tablet with Huawei's 4G network, with a powerful 300 Mb per second.

    Share your connection with your friends and family wherever you are: the Huawei technology of the E7585-330 4G box allows you to share your network with different devices: computers, consoles, tablets, smartphones... Indeed, the Huawei 4G wifi mobile is compatible with 32 devices. So you can take your internet connection with you everywhere.

    Designed to accompany you in your AR/VR projects

    Huawei's E7585-330 4G box has been designed by the brand's engineers to offer you a simple and intuitive experience. The little screen informs you about the quality of your network, the available signal as well as the battery level, to be always up to date on your connection and your devices.

    The design of your 4G router fits in your pocket or purse, and its small size and light weight make it the perfect device to take on the go.

    How to use your wireless router?

    First, insert your SIM card inside the box. Then connect your device to your Wifi network. The name of the network and its password is located behind the battery, next to the space for your SIM card. Thus, with a simple mobile subscription, you can have internet in Wifi or 4G everywhere (even on the move because it has a battery).

  2. Specs

     Battery  12 hours of autonomy
     3000 mAh power
     Max. Wifi speed  300 Mbpd
     Norme Wifi  Wifi 4 (N)
     Compatibility  32 devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles...)
     Networks  3G / 4G
     Dimensions (w x h x d)  10.8 x 6.2 x 17.1 cm
     Weight  127 g