LYNX R-1 - Enterprise Edition

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LYNX R1 Enterprise Edition, the first All-in-One Mixed Reality headset.
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Lynx R1 mixed reality headset (Enterprise Edition)

  1. Lynx is the first All-in-One Mixed Reality headset. An amazing VR headset, which also happens to be the best AR headset.

    Mixed reality brings you a wide range of technologies for professionals

    Remote assistance, guided instructions and remote operation are among the most widely used because they help you solve complex problems without having to go to the site. The Lynx R1 mixed reality headset is the most affordable and manageable device for businesses.

    Data privacy by design

    You don't need Facebook account or Microsoft Azure cloud. Data sovereignty is back! Raw data from the sensors available through the SDK. Total control over your workflows.

    The Enterprise Edition gives you more technical support for advanced and difficult things like making a driver for an external sensor you want to plug to the headset.


    Lynx R1 headset specs (Enterprise Edition)

    Fiche produit lynx R1

  3. Is including in the box with the Lynx R1 headset :

    The Lynx-R1 packaging contains the headset as well as a set of accessories listed below:

    - Magnetic Back and Forehead foams (already mounted)
    - Magnetic Light Blocker face foam
    - Overhead strap
    - USB-C cable
    - Lynx microfiber front pouch

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