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The Meta Quest Pro is the Meta headset for professional use.
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The Meta Quest Pro is the Meta headset for professional use

  1. The Meta Quest Pro standalone headset, with its high resolution mixed reality, offers immersion, interaction and advanced virtualization. Enjoy a total immersion in your virtual world while remaining anchored in your space. 
    Discover VR collaboration with your collaborators. Join virtual design spaces to work remotely and in real time on joint projects.

    The Meta Quest Pro VR Headset is designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, with a lightweight design and an adjustable design to fit different head sizes. The Meta Quest Pro VR Headset is also equipped with a long-lasting battery and quick charger for continuous use without interruption.

    With Meta Quest Pro you can: build, edit, review, modify, adjust your designs, and create unlimited. 

  2. Features of VR/XR Méta Quest Pro headset

    Resolution 1800 x 1920 Pixel per eye Field of view 106 horizontal 96 vertical
    Refresh rate 90 Hz Tracking 6 DoF
    Storage (ROM) 256 Go Displays Displays 2 x LCD screens with local dimming backlight
    RAM 12 Go Connectivity WI-Fi 6E / Bluetooth 5.2
    Snapdragon XR2+
    Microphones 3 microphones with spatial filtering and noise reduction
    Audio Built-in speakers + 3.5 mm jack
    Weight 722 g 
    PC VR Support via Link and Air Link
    Controllers Battery with 10 hours of maximum battery life in both controllers

  3. Meta Quest Pro comes with:

     Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers
     Charging station
     Fast USB-C power adapter
     10 advanced VR/MR sensors
    Meta Quest Pro Headset
    2 Meta Quest Touch ProControllers
    Charging Dock
    Power Adapter
    Controller Charge Cable
    Charging Cable
    2 Stylus Tips
    2 Light Blockers (L&R)
    Cable Clip
    Protective Cover
    Cleaning Cloth
    2 Wrist Straps