NANUK 965 with padded divider

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Reinforced protective suitcase for 6 to 10 VR headsets
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NANUK 965 suitcase for four to ten virtual reality headsets

  1. Smooth and silent rolling on any surface thanks to its polyuretane wheels.

    Smooth mobility is a major advantage, especially when transporting cumbersome equipment. The NANUK 965 case features polycarbonate wheels molded with polyurethane. Similar to what youd find on rollerblades, these wheels, along with their sealed stainless steel bearings, ensure a quiet, effortless trip over a multitude of terrains and through lots of weather conditions.

    Nanuk 965

    A retractable handle fitted for smalls and talls.

    Hassle-free transport comes courtesy of NANUK's two-stage retractable handle. Posture-friendly, the handle can be adjusted to two different heights and offers easy, one-handed open and close with its quick-release button.

    Nanuk 965 valise VR

    Close with confidence, open with ease with the PowerClaw superior latching system.

    Ensuring that your smaller gear stays well protected from the elements, the NANUK 9 65 case's patented PowerClaw latching system uses compressive force and triple action to clamp your case tight. Integrated slide locks offer added security, preventing your case from opening during transport or if its dropped. The super tough nylon construction and stainless-steel hardware ensure that your important items stay safe in your NANUK waterproof case no matter where your journey takes you.

    Mallette Nanuk 965

    Go where no case has gone before: ip67 waterproof and dustproof.

    NANUK protective cases were primarily designed for front line protection, search and rescue missions, first responders, military, industrial, marine and diving uses. The professionals that rely on NANUK cases require a reliable, waterproof solution which resists deformation and fatigue.

    Nanuk 965 valise étanche

    Get high-impact protection with a fraction of the weight: indestructible and lightweight NK-7 resine.

    Impact-resistant, lightweight, and armed with NK-7 resin body, the NANUK 950 protective case is designed with rounded corners, thick, strong walls, and oversized details. No matter what nature throws its way, NANUK is built to survive. This case is shock-absorbent to prevent damage to the case and, more importantly, to the valuable contents.

    Valise de protection NANUK 965

    Keep your case from sealing shut automatically: automatic pressure release valve.

    Changes in altitude, temperature, humidity and geographic location create a "vacuum lock which can effectively seal a case shut. NANUK's integrated auto-pressure valve equalizes this atmospheric pressure difference. Using state-of-the-art technology, the micro vent allows air to pass through while preventing water from entering.

    nanuk 965 valise renforcée

  2. Specs of the Nanuk 965 suitcase

    Nanuk 965 specs

     Interior (L x W x H)  737 x 457 x 356 mm | 29 x 18 x 14"
     Exterior (L x W H)  826 x 536 x 406 mm | 32,5 x 21 x 15,8"
     Lid Depth  2,1" | 53 mm
     Base Depth  11,9" | 302 mm
     Internal Volume  7308 | 4.23 cu.ft | 119.5 L
     Weight (empty)  25,05 lb | 11,36 kg
     Temperature Range  Min -20F (-29C) | Max 140F (60C)
     Material  Lightweight NK-7 resine
     Max buoyancy  TBD
     Padlock Holes Diameter  0.340"
     Handle height from ground  36" | 41"
     Airline carry-on  No