NANUK - Lid organizer for 918 case

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Nanuk 918 Lid Organizer
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Nanuk 918 Lid Organizer

  1. The NANUK lid organizer is the perfect accessory for those who want to keep their equipment well-organized and easily accessible in their suitcase. Precisely designed, this organizer transforms the inside of your suitcase into a methodical and orderly space.

    Molded Interior and Precise Design
    The molded interior of the NANUK organizer is specially designed to accommodate various equipment, power cords, and accessories. Every item finds its place, keeping your gear visible and within reach. Say goodbye to endless searches and clutter; your equipment stays well-organized and protected.

    Easy Installation
    The NANUK lid organizer comes with a set of mounting screws, making installation quick and easy. No need for sophisticated tools or technical knowledge, you can install your new organizer stress-free and in no time.

    Tear-Resistant and Transparent Compartments
    The organizer features three to five zippered compartments, each being transparent and tear-resistant. These compartments of different sizes allow you to store a multitude of equipment, from small accessories to larger items, while ensuring their protection and visibility. Quickly identify what you need without having to empty your suitcase.

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