PICO 4 Enterprise

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The PICO 4 and all its new features are intended for professional use.

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PICO 4 Enterprise, ever more innovative features for businesses and their customers.

  1. The all-in-one immersive headset

    The PICO 4 Enterprise offers a set of software and hardware solutions allowing companies to use the most immersive VR in their various projects. 

    The headset has a very precise tracking of the hands, eyes, but also the face. The tracking is possible thanks to the 2 infrared cameras and allows to propose to the companies an always more immersive and interactive experience. 

    Ultra precise movements  

    The PICO 4 Enterprise has 4 cameras offering a high precision tracking and mapping during the different movements made in VR. 

    Screen technology

    The 4K+ screen, its 90 Hz refresh rate and high color saturation offer users high definition and fluidity during use. PICO, always in a logic of total immersion, offers on the PICO 4 Enterprise a field of view of 105 degrees and 1200 pixels per inch. 

    Ergonomic design and easy to clean

    The PICO 4 Enterprise features a rotating arc column and optimal weight distribution for comfortable use over many hours. Compact and lightweight, the headset is made up of new generation technologies that are increasingly lighter, allowing it to weigh only 300g with battery and straps. The lightness of the PICO 4 Enterprise headset is made possible by the integration of small and light lenses that reduce the thickness of the case. Finally, the virtual reality headset is equipped with a double PU leather mask (non-slip) that is easy to clean and quick to remove thanks to the magnetic clips. 

    The battery

    The headset has a 5,300 mAh battery for an uninterrupted experience within the various virtual worlds. The battery offers up to 3 hours of use and features fast charging (Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0 standard). 

    Reliable and comfortable controllers

    The PICO 4 Enterprise controllers also have a rotating arc column and infrared sensors. These offer hand protection through hit detection and spatial orientation. The controllers support 6DoF, which allows users greater freedom of movement in the virtual environment, and a HyperSense high-bandwidth engine for more realistic tactile feedback. 

    Headset for businesses (PICO Business Suite)

    The PICO 4 Enterprise is the accessory that will allow companies to gain efficiency and performance. The PICO Business Suite, integrated into the headset, provides direct access to an operating system that allows PICO partners to manage their workflow in a secure and private way. PICO Business Suite addresses the needs of enterprises and ISVs for customized solutions. The system's three main features are synchronization, streaming and kiosk mode, which allow multiple VR devices to connect while enabling live streaming and smoother viewing.

  2. PICO 4 Enterprise Features 

    Spec sheet PICO 4 Entreprise

  3. Headset
    Warranty card
    Quick start guide
    User guide
    Controllers (x2)
    Alkaline batteries AA (x4)
    Glasses spacer
    Nose pad
    Usb-c to c 2.0 data cable
    USB-C power cable