VR Headset case - PICO G2 4K

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Carrying case for PICO G2 4K and accessories
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Carrying case for PICO G2 4K and accessories
  1. The case allows you to carry your PICO G2 4K virtual reality headset easily while protecting it from shocks and falls during your travels.

    The case offers resistance, security and a real support of the helmet thanks to the interior strap that allows to attach the helmet to the case. Inside the case, there is also a storage space for the controller and helmet accessories.

    The rigid outer shell protects your headset against falls, shocks, but also against dust.

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  2. PICO G2 4K carrying case specifications 

    Compatibility PICO G2 4K Exterior color Black
    Dimensions  27 x 20 x 11.5 cm Interior color Black