PICO USB Streaming Cable

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USB streaming cable for PICO

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PICO USB Streaming Cable

  1. USB streaming cable for PICO Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye VR headsets.

    Pico USB streaming cable

    How to set up?

    On the hardware part, you have to:

    1. Lift the small lid with the "D" letter on it.

    2. Plug the USB-C end of the cable into your VR headset.

    3. Screw the USB-C port onto the device thanks to the screwdriver provided in the box. Pico has provided a small hole on its headset so that the USB streaming cable doesn't detach during usage.

    4. Attach the cable clip to the lateral headband of the headset, so that the cable doesn't go all over your hair.

    5. Plug the DisplayPort and USB-A plugs into the dedicated ports of your PC.

    6. Turn on your PC and your headset.

    On the software part, you have to:

    1. Download the PICO DP Assistant on PICO website, install it and launch it.

    2. Verify that you have a green mark next to the USB cable and DisplayPort checks.

    3. Launch SteamVR and check that it's working with the appropriate "piconeo3" driver.

    4. Perform SteamVR Room Setup

    5. Enjoy your VR experience!

  2. Specs

     Input  DisplayPort + USB2.0A
     Hot Plug and Play
     Output  USB Type C
     Lenght  5 m
     Weight  240 g
     Resolution  Max 3664 x 1920
     90 Hz

    In the box you can find an instruction manual, a long 5m cable and a little screwdriver.