PICO VR Double PU Facial Foam N3

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PICO VR Dual PU Facial Protection Foam Neo3
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Dual PU face protection pad for PICO Neo 3 virtual reality headsets

  1. PICO's AR/VR foam replacement is ideal for enjoying great comfort when using your helmet. Designed with a smooth leatherette base (double PU), the replacement foam is also very easy to clean. 

    Augmented reality or virtual reality headsets are in constant contact with your eyes, that's why it is necessary to use a protective foam in good condition and that respects the rules of hygiene. 

    The video below explains how to simply and effectively wash your VR headset and protective foam. 

  2. Caractéristiques de la mousse de protection Pico Neo3 

     Composition  Smooth Leatherette (Dual PU)
     Compatibility  Pico Neo3 Pro
     Pico Neo3 Pro Eye
     Pico Neo 3 Link