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Matts Digital and Pimax have signed a partnership to promote Pimax Virtual Reality solutions in France and Europe. 

Immersive Factory and Matts Digital have signed a partnership
Paris, June 2nd, 2020 – Pimax, leader in ultra-wide Field of View (FOV) and high-resolution Virtual Reality headsets and Matts Digital, an AR/VR value added distributor have entered into a partnership to further promote the deployment of Pimax Virtual Reality solutions in France and Europe. 
This partnership agreement includes provisions for Matts Digital to import and distribute Pimax’s entire range of Virtual Reality headsets and accessories.
Also, Matts Digital will be able to provide after-sales service to its customers for Pimax devices via its technical hotline system, and to offer advanced product hot-swap services for professional customers as well as all Pimax’s accessories and consumables.      
“Our range of Virtual Reality headsets are unique. We were very aware of the need for more strong partners to develop our sales, service, and footprint in Europe. Matts Digital, thanks to its logistical capability and its unique professional service offering is one of the key players that allow us to develop and establish ourselves for the long term in Europe. We are happy and excited to enter into this partnership with Matts Dogital.” declares Nordic REN, CEO of Pimax. 
“Pimax has developed a real know-how and a strong reputation for ultra-wide Field of View (FOV) and high-resolution Virtual Reality headsets. This range of products is very much in demand by our customers. The VISION 8K PLUS, 5K PLUS and Artisan ranges perfectly complement our offering of headsets that we already have in our catalog. We are pleased to be able to support Pimax in France and Europe and promote their offering with wide array of professional services that we have developed to meet and exceed many rigorous customer demands.” declares Stephane COURGEON, President of Matts Digital.

About Pimax

Pimax was founded in 2014 by a team of VR geeks and engineers with decades of experience in Optics/ Display/ Smart devices, including many years in the field of VR/AR. We are a community-driven tech company with open-source project and have our user community based on OpenMR forums.
We have just begun the manufacture of our exciting NEW Pimax VISION 8K X, the first ever dual native 4K resolution consumer virtual reality headset. Pimax headquarters are located in Shanghai and we have offices in San Jose, CA and Orlando, FL.

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About Matts Digital

Matts Digital is a Value-Added distributor, specializing in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. We offer a full range of headsets, peripherals, accessories, and hygiene products, as well as unique professional services in this area. Our significant industrial and logistical capacity allows our customers to serenely consider the deployment and maintenance of their ARVR projects on a large scale, in France and abroad. 


Stéphane COURGEON - President
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