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Matts Digital and RealWear sign a partnership to provide companies in France and Europe with professional augmented reality solutions.

RealWear Navigator 500
Angers, June 7, 2022RealWear, a fast-growing technology company transforming the way people work, and Matts Digital, a value-added distributor of mixed reality solutions, have partnered to promote RealWear's solutions in France and Europe.

This partnership agreement allows Matts Digital to distribute all RealWear's offer including the Navigator 500 augmented reality (AR) glasses and its accessories.

In addition, Matts Digital will be able to offer its customers, through its technical hotline, after-sales support for the RealWear offering.

"Our products use unique technology and offer a powerful augmented reality experience for professionals. We were very aware of the need for stronger partners to develop our sales, services and position in France and Europe. Matts Digital, with its unique logistical capacity and professional services offering, is one of the key players that will enable us to establish a sustainable presence in the European market. We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Matts Digital." said Anita Tricker, RealWear's channel manager.

"RealWear has developed augmented reality devices, including smart glasses, that allow professionals to benefit from the latest technologies. The performance and technological advancement of their products is in high demand by our customers to work serenely with AR. The Navigator 500 glasses and its removable battery and protective case perfectly complement the AR offer we already have in our catalog. We are pleased to be able to support RealWear in France and Europe and to promote their products with our wide range of professional services." declare Stephane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital.

About RealWear

RealWear is a fast-growing technology company transforming how Real Work gets done. RealWear products are the world's first voice-driven, completely hands-free, head-mounted wearable computing devices. Implementing hardware, software, cloud, and AI, RealWear is the future of the connected industrial worker.
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Anita Tricker – Channel manager EMEA

About Matts Digital

Matts Digital is a Value-Added distributor, specializing in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. We offer a full range of headsets, peripherals, accessories, and hygiene products, as well as unique professional services in this area. Our significant industrial and logistical capacity allows our customers to serenely consider the deployment and maintenance of their ARVR projects on a large scale, in France and abroad. 
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Stephane Courgeon - President
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