Protections Silicone pour VIVE PRO

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Protections for HTC VIVE PRO headset and controllers
30.00 €

Silicone protectors for HTC VIVE PRO headset and controllers

Protection and color utility

In addition to a protective function of your devices, the silicone covers are available in 6 colors, convenient when you play multiplayer in an arcade for example. At a glance you can distinguish the teams in the real world.

Compatible with all HTC VIVE PRO series headsets

The PRO edition of the HTC Vive has an original design that is different from other VR headsets. It includes sensors, two front cameras and a built-in headset. This protective pack for your HTC VIVE PRO controllers and headset is perfectly cut to fit the buttons, sensors and connectors of your virtual reality headset.

Thus, your HTC VIVE PRO headset and its controllers will be protected from shocks and scratches.

Other advantages of the protection pack for HTC VIVE PRO

  • Quick water cleaning to remove dust and dirt accumulated on the silicone
  • Improved grip and soft touch
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Non-slip