REALWEAR - Mini 4G LTE Modem&Mount

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Enhance Your AR Experience with the Mini LTE Modem & Mount for RealWear Navigator 500 Series.
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Enhance Your AR Experience with the Mini LTE Modem & Mount for RealWear Navigator 500 Series.
Specially crafted for RealWear Navigator 500 & 520, the Mini LTE Modem & Mount offers unparalleled connectivity. This streamlined 4G modem effortlessly integrates via the USB-C port and stays secure with its dedicated strap. And with a Nano SIM (not included), remain connected anywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

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  1. Boundless Connectivity
    Discover the Mini LTE Modem & Mount for the RealWear Navigator 500 Series, your trusted ally to stay connected, even in the most remote areas. Stay online, wherever you are.

    Strength & Reliability
    Fear neither dust nor rain. With its IP66 certification, this modem guarantees unmatched resilience against the elements.

    Design & Ergonomics
    Aesthetics and functionality blend seamlessly in this modem. Its design, tailored explicitly for RealWear products, offers a perfect blend of style and purpose.

    Secure Connection
    Your online safety is paramount. That's why, with a Nano SIM card, you get access to an internet connection that's both reliable and fully secure.

    Convenience Above All
    Every detail matters. The USB-C cable, optimized in length, minimizes snagging risks, offering a hassle-free user experience designed just for you.

    Dive deeper and find out how this modem can revolutionize your connectivity experience.

  2. Compatibility: RealWear Navigator 500 & 520
    Supported Frequency Band: FDD-LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/B17/20 & UMTS: B1/2/4/5/8
    Certifications: IP66
    Connectivity: USB-C Port & Nano SIM Card Slot
    Max Download Speed: Up to 150 Mbps
    Max Upload Speed: Up to 50 Mbps

    Note: It's crucial to check the modem's compatibility with your local provider. Verizon, Sprint, Net10, or CDMA are not supported.

  3. LTE Modem
    Side Mount