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Augmented reality glasses Rokid Air Pro
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Augmented reality glasses Rokid Air Pro

  1. The best portable AR glasses for training and exhibition

    Rokid Air Pro AR glasses are powerful, intuitive and light enough for everyday use. With voice control and advanced features, you can work efficiently and hands-free.

    Private spatial sound

    Sound flows around the user, with clear stereo sound targeted over their ears for an audio experience only they can hear.

    High-res, breathtaking display

    AR glasses Rokid Air Pro feature a 43 field of view, 100000:1 contrast ratio, and a vivid ultra-high-definition screen that immerses the user in a digital world.

    Rokid Air Pro AR glasses Matts Digital

    Enhanced interaction

    Rokid Air Pro features voice and visual recognition, making interaction with the AR glasses easy and fun.

    Slim, comfortable frame

    Rokid Air Pro has a lightweight design and anti-stress features for long-term comfort and wear. In fact, the Rokid Air Pro augmented reality glasses weighs only 83g.

    Stylish, portable, and convenient

    Small enough to fit into a pocket, the AR glasses are foldable, look like regular sunglasses, and have a visor for outdoor use.

    Paired with Dock and Phone

    Battery span depends on the type of mobile phone

    Rokid already served 59 museums worldwide

    The advantages of Rokid Air Pro glasses are numerous. They make the experience innovative, informative and interactive for the enjoyment of its users. So, attract the crowd, customize your content, enhance the user experience by upgrading the audio guide, show hidden information and stories behind the works... AR technology also allows information to overlap with the real world scenario.

  2. AR glasses Rokid Air Pro specs

     Weight  83 g
     Noise reduction  90 db
     Display type  Micro-O LED
     Field of View  43
     Resolution  1920 x 1080 (binocular)
     Refresh rate  75 Hz
     CPU  Mobile phone
     Sensors  9 axis IMU, GPS, camera, proximity sensor, array microphone
     Camera  8M pixels, 1080p streaming vidéo
     Battery  Depends on the mobile phone
     Environment  Withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 40