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Augmented reality glasses Rokid Glass II
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Augmented Reality glasses Rokid Glass 2

  1. Engineered specifically for multi-use scenarios

    The foldable, monocular augmented reality (AR) glasses, Rokid Glass 2 offers a lightweight design, high-resolution display and superior performance for a variety of tasks. A hands-free voice control interface and robust extensions for use with existing mobile devices make them extremely versatile. Rokid Glass 2 continues to be adopted in the manufacturing, logistics, exhibition, healthcare and education markets.

    This versatile set of voice-activated AR glasses is compatible with a wide range of external devices, sensors and computing devices.

    Rokid Glass 2 represents a major evolution from its predecessor. Indeed, the arms of the glasses can now be folded and stored like an ordinary pair of glasses. They also include an augmented reality display thanks to the glasses' low-power LCOS display with a 40-degree field of view and a 10,000 mAh build that lets you work for 8 hours on a single charge. Rokid Glass 2 also features a 9-axis IMU sensor, an 8-megapixel autofocus camera and a dual active noise-canceling microphone.

    Rokid Glass 2 augmented reality glasses Matts Digital

    Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Rokid has added a temperature detection feature to Rokid Glass 2. With the infrared sensor, the augmented reality glasses can detect temperatures of 200 people in 1 minute at 3 meters. The detections are non-contact, accurate and usable in various high-risk scenarios such as airports, schools, parks, workplaces, etc.

    Thus, anyone wearing a pair of AR Rokid Glass 2 may be able to test the temperature of other people silently and efficiently in order to fight epidemics. 

    Powerful remote assistance

    Quickly get help when you need it through remote connectivity

    Real-time annotation
    Screen sharing
    Multi-screen display
    Lightweight: 96 g
    Stand-alone glasses that do not require a PC
    Sold with the wifi dock

  2. AR glasses Rokid Glass 2 specs

     Weight  96g
     Audio  2 microphones
     Stereo sound
     Active noise cancellation
     Sensor  9 axis IMU
     Optics  Monocular display
     High resolution : 1280 x 720 per eye
     Compatibility  PC, Mac
     Mobile device with DP output
     Accessibility  Detachable corrective lens
     Field of View  40
     Tracking type  3 Dof non positional
     Memory  2 GB
     Storage  32 GB (eMMC storage)
     Battery Capacity  10 000 mAH

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