SKROSS - International Travel Adaptater

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SKROSS Universal travel adaptater with 2 USB outputs
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SKROSS universal travel adapter for over 200 countries, allowing to charge 3 devices simultaneously

  1. Enjoy a simplified connection thanks to 2 USB ports

    The 2 integrated 2.4 Amp USB ports allow you to charge two USB devices (smartphone, tablet, virtual reality headset, camera ...) at the same time, while having the possibility to charge a third device through the power outlet.

    Compact and Light Design

    The SKROSS travel adapter will easily find a place in your suitcase.

    Works in over 200 countries 


    Use your electronic devices in over 200 destinations such as the United States, Australia, China and most European countries (UK, Germany, France, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden) and many other countries around the world.

    This adapter can also be used as a USB charger for your personal use in your home.

    Works with Euro plugs (Type C).
    Does not work with laptops, hairdryers and all appliances with a grounded plug such as "Schuko" (Type E and F).

    Guaranteed safety

    The SKROSS universal travel adapter promises safe operation with childproofing and grounding to prevent malfunctions. This adapter has been tested and certified by TÜV (a product certification body).

  2. International travel adaptater specs

     Input form  2.5 A
     Output form  Universal
     Voltage  240 V
     Max Power  2500 W
     Use  Works with 2-pole devices without grounding
     Colour  White
     Size (height x width x depth)  8,1 x 5,9 x 6,3 cm
     Weight  158 grams
     Type of connection   2 USB outputs and 1 power outlet
     Application  Can be used in Europe, USA, Great Britain, Australia, China...