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Titan Skin anti-theft protection for PICO G2 4K
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Titan Skin anti-theft protection for PICO G2 4K

  1. TitanSkinVR is the perfect solution to secure and protect your VR headsets in public places. This anti-theft protection prevents damage and accidental button pushing. With this solution, the charging cable connectors are protected and the device is continuously charged.

    The aluminum skin for the Pico4 is 2 millimeters thick and specially developed to protect all fragile elements, such as the headstrap and USB-C connector. With TitanSkinVR, you can safely expose your VR headset with minimal supervision. This model is equipped with a mount on its topside for a lanyard or our retractable ceiling system. To offer a good-looking and secure product, it has a powder-coated finish and our standard color RAL 9005.

    There is also a headphone holder extension available, which is specifically designed for the  Pico4. For optimal performance, use TitanSkin in combination with the retractable ceiling system and a 5-meter-long charging cable.