UV Cabinet VR 20

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UV-C disinfection cabinet for 20 VR headsets
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UV-C disinfection cabinet for 20 VR headsets

  1. Disinfect shared devices in just 2 minutes

    The Uvisan UV Cabinet VR20 removes up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, germs, molds and spores without liquid, heat, chemicals or residues. Ozone free.

    Fully tested and certified in line to IEC 62471 and ISO standards, this small cabinet on wheels disinfects laptops, tablets, virtual reality headsets and all other tools and devices. In fact, the UV Cabinet VR20 has been laboratory tested to ensure maximum effectiveness without the use of chemicals, liquids or heat.

    This hygiene and safety product also allows you to load while meeting your needs thanks to the integrated loading. In addition, this disinfection cabinet has been constructed of lockable steel for secure storage.

    Medical grade decontamination with the power of UV-C light

    The UV Cabinet VR20 allows you to host up to 20 virtual reality headsets at the same time which is very convenient for managing your headset fleet. The cabinet also has 20 USB ports to allow charging of your equipment even during the cleaning cycle.

    How does it work?

    The UV Cabinet VR20 has been designed to be very intuitive to use:

    1) Prepare your devices and place them in the cabinet. Use the supplied charging solution to keep your devices connected. Lock and start the cleaning cycle.

    2) Use the built-in timer to select the length of the cleaning cycle and press the Start button.

    3) Once the cycle is complete, your equipment is ready for use and disinfected. Unlock the cabinet and remove the equipment.

  2. UV Cabinet VR20 Specs

     Dimensions (mm)  Width: 750
     Deep: 600
     Height: 860
     Shelf size (mm)  Width: 600
     Deep: 550
     Height: 200
     Max capacity VR Headsets (Pico)  20
     Max capacity Laptops (13")  12
     Max capacity Tablets (vertical racks)  60
     Fast Charge USB Ports  20
     Doors  2 x double sided doors (front & back)
     Weight (kg)  75
     Charging Point  USB charging ports 5V, 2,1A DC
     Charging Protection  Leakage and short circuit protection module, over-charging protection
     Power System  INPUT: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
     Based on different country standard
     Rated Power  200W
     UVC Disinfection  254nm, low pressure UVC bulbs
     Power of UVC lamp  15W
     Programmable Timer  Yes
     Refroidissement et Ventilation  Yes
     Mobility  Four universal casters, two with locking functions; two-handles with ergonomic design
     Security  3-point mechanism with locking in front doors, separate locking on top IT area