VALVE - Sword Kit for PIMAX

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PIMAX kit with 2 Sword controllers and 2 base stations
650.00 €
PIMAX kit with 2 Sword controllers and 2 base stations

This kit has been developed by VALVE technology to enjoy a virtual reality experience with PIMAX headsets. It includes two Sword controllers and two base stations 2.0.

This kit is compatible with PIMAX, HTC VIVE, VARJO and VALVE headsets.
  1. Sword controllers offer a smoother experience

    The new controllers feature an improved handle with an easy-to-use ergonomic design, allowing users to reduce errors and increase comfort.

    The surface of the Sword for PIMAX controllers has an environmentally friendly coating that does not affect positioning accuracy. In fact, the 52 360 optical positioning chips ensure a positioning accuracy of 0.3 mm, fully compatible with the Steam ecosystem.

    In addition, the improved texture of the controllers reduces accidental slippage caused by forceful movements and provides a better grip experience. For added security, a textile strap attaches to the Sword controllers to connect them directly to the user's hands.

    The Sword Pimax also stands out from other controllers because it allows you to hot swap the battery without losing the connection. The dual replaceable lithium battery design allows for a continuous experience without the worry of a low battery interrupting your virtual reality session.

    Base stations 2.0 complete this kit to enjoy a greater VR experience.

    Covering large spaces, the Base Station 2.0 improves the presence and immersion of virtual reality in a room by helping headsets and controllers track their exact locations.

    This allows for wireless synchronization.

    This kit is therefore the complete solution for training sessions as it offers an extended range and field of view as well as greater scalability.

  2. Characteristics of the PIMAX kit with 2 Sword controllers and 2 base stations

    Sword controllers specs

     Weight  230 g
     Color  Blue
     Dimensions  149 x 150 x 155
     Interface  USB Type C
     Connectics  Wireless 2.4G
     SteamVR follow up  Support 1.0 and 2.0
     Battery  Rechargeable with 3.7V / 1090 mAh
     Loading time  1.5 hours
     Working time  3 hours (when the battery is fully charged)

    Base stations 2.0 specs

     Synchronization  Wireless
     Compatibility  PIMAX, HTC VIVE, VARJO, VALVE
     Cordon  2.5m length
     Covered area  Up to 100m (up to 10m x 10m using four 2.0 base stations. Up to 5m x 5m using two base stations)