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The Varjo AERO virtual reality headset is designed for professional use. 
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The Varjo AERO virtual reality headset is designed for professional use. 

The Varjo AERO will allow you to travel in your virtual world while enjoying a breathtaking visual quality.

  1. The Varjo AERO virtual reality headset is one of the best in terms of color fidelity and quality/resolution. Indeed, the headset has two individually calibrated mini-LED screens (150 nits brightness) and benefits from a 99% SRGB / 95% DCI-P3 color space. Its two displays provide a field of view (FOV) of 115, an exceptional resolution of 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, to enjoy a great immersion and an extremely realistic image.

    The headset is equipped with variable resolution crystalline aspheric lenses that offer a massive improvement in visual fidelity over more traditional Fresnel optics. 

    The Varjo, AERO works with a high quality 200Hz eye tracking system for a personalized and optimal experience for each user. The eye tracking is so powerful that it provides a foveated rendering (the focal area targeted by the user's eyes is displayed in sharp focus) which allows the GPU to focus on displaying the area being viewed.

    The AERO headset from Varjo is the lightest of the range with a weight of 717 g including headband. This adjustable headband allows you to adjust the size in 3 points for optimal comfort.

    Sold with :

     1 headset adapter 
     1 power supply and 6 cables (EU, UK, US, AUS, KOR, CHN)
     1 headset to USB-C adapter 
     1 headset adapter to Display Port
     1 headset adapter to USB-A 3.0
     1 microfiber cloth 
     1 pair of headphones with microphone
     1 getting Started Guide 

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  2. Varjo AERO Headset Features

    Built-in display Resolution 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye Field of view 115
     Integrated audio Refresh rate 90Hz Connectivity Headset adapter and USB-C cable
    Display Dual LCD Mini LED Weight 717 grams
     Standalone Optical Aspherical Lenses  Audio 3.5 mm audio