VARJO VR-3 Headset

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The Varjo VR-3 virtual reality headset focuses on resolution and immersion.
3,645.00 €
The Varjo VR-3 virtual reality headset focuses on resolution and immersion.

A true vector of performance and quality, the Varjo VR-3 headset will easily integrate your company.

  1. Details matter!

    That's why the Varjo VR-3 headset and its high quality display allow you to see and read the smallest elements during VR immersion. Its 4 integrated screens (2x OLED 1920 x 1920 + 2x PPD LCD 2880 x 2720) allow to obtain a clear image and a rendering that imitates the human eye. Finally, for sharper movements and a more realistic rendering, the headset has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a field of view of 115.
    Visual fidelity at the forefront of the industry!

    Indeed, the headset features a color distribution that matches 99% of the sRGB color space to get as close as possible to the real world we live in. 

    The most advanced eye tracking

    Eye tracking makes the VR-3 perfect for research and behavioral information acquisition. Built-in 200 Hz eye tracking provides, like the Varjo AERO, foveal rendering to show what you are looking at directly with high detail accuracy, to mimic the way the human eye works.

    Ergonomic design 

    The headset is designed to fit all head shapes and sizes with the 3-point headband and an active cooling system to allow for longer, more immersive usage sessions. 

    Sold with: 

     2 headset adapters
     2 power supplies 
     6x2 power outlets: Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Korea and China
     1 cleaning cloth 

    The Varjo VR-3 supports the following development platforms: UNREAL, UNITY, STEAMVR CONTENT, AUTODESK VRED, ZEROLIGHT and PREPAR3D.

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  2. Varjo VR-3 headset Features

    ✅ Integrated Display Resolution 2880 x 2720 Weight  944 grams 
    ✅ Built-in audio Display 2x OLEDs + 2x PPD LCD Connectivity 2 USB-C cable + 2 DP + 2 USB-A 3.0+
    ❌ Controller Refresh rate 90 Hz Eye tracking  200 Hz
    ❌ Autonome FOV 115 Audio 3.5 mm jack