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Varjo XR-4: Revolutionary Mixed Reality for Industry
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Varjo XR-4: Revolutionary Mixed Reality for Industry 

  1. The Varjo XR-4 represents the pinnacle of mixed reality technology, merging outstanding visual performance with unparalleled immersion. Designed for demanding industrial use, this headset offers top-notch visual fidelity with its 4K by 4K mini-LED displays, delivering vibrant images with 200 nits brightness and true-to-life colors at 96% DCI-P3.

    A Revolutionary Field of View
    What sets the Varjo XR-4 apart is its revolutionary optical design. With a massive field of view at 120 x 105, this headset breaks the boundaries of the standard "full binocular vision," immersing users in virtual and mixed reality experiences with captivating depth, providing a new dimension of immersion for various industrial use cases.

    Human Vision Recreated in XR
    The Varjo XR-4's dual 20-megapixel front cameras don't just capture the surrounding world; they reproduce it with astonishing fidelity. With a resolution of up to 51 PPD in passthrough mode, the XR-4 achieves an unprecedented level of visual realism. The gaze-driven XR autofocus system replicates the way the human eye adjusts focus, delivering a natural and immersive visual experience.

    Unmatched Performance with Advanced Sensor Fusion
    The Varjo XR-4 incorporates advanced sensor fusion, combining extended-range LiDAR at 300 kpix, 200 Hz eye tracking, and new ambient light reconstruction cameras. These features ensure exceptional precision and an uncompromised user experience, tailored to the highest professional standards.

    Collaboration and Comfort
    Designed for collaboration, the Varjo XR-4 features integrated high-quality speakers and microphones. The speakers provide DTS 3D spatial audio, while the noise-canceling microphones ensure clear and smooth communication even in noisy environments.

    Unlimited Access to the Virtual World
    Varjo's XR-4 series offers unprecedented screen resolution, with 28 million pixels delivering exceptional visual fidelity. Custom aspheric lenses, combined with industrial-grade color accuracy, guarantee crystal-clear details and striking contrasts.

    Extensive Compatibility and User-Friendly
    Break free from the constraints of standalone headsets. The Varjo XR-4 works in tandem with workstations powered by NVIDIA GPUs, offering completely unrestricted and upgradable performance. With built-in inside-out tracking and Varjo Controllers, no base stations are needed, simplifying deployment.

    Adaptability and Personalized Comfort
    Each user can wear the XR-4 with or without glasses, eliminating the need for prescription lenses. The automatic IPD adjustment ensures comfortable use for diverse teams. Moreover, the zero gravity comfort fit ensures an extended experience without discomfort.

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     Varjo XR-4 mixed reality headset
     2 Varjo Controllers
     Headset adapter
     3-port charger
     3 charging cables (USB-C connector, 1,5m)
     5 power plugs (EU, UK, US, AUS, KOR)
     Display cable (DisplayPort connector, 5m)
     Data cable (USB-C connector, 5m)