VIVE - Face Tracker

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VIVE - Face Tracker
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VIVE Face Tracker

VIVE Facial Tracker allows you to capture your expressions and gestures with precision on the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks and chin.

  1. General description of the VIVE Face Tracker

    Capture true-to-life facial expressions and mouth 
    movement with precision for an immersive experience. You can read intentions and emotions in real-time.

    VIVE Facial Tracker

    Lip movements accompany voice, thanks to almost-zero latency.

    Bring a new dimension to human interactions across educational, medical, and creative applications. Discover the potential of this Virtual Reality game-changer.

    Tracks up to 38 facial movements.

    A hint of a scowl. A sneer. A smile. VIVE Facial Tracker captures expressions and gestures with precision through 38 blend shapes across the lips, jaw, t
    eeth, tongue, cheeks, and chin.

    Pair it with VIVE Pro Eye for a full face tracking experience.

  2. Characteristics of the VIVE Face Tracker

     Characteristics  Description
     Near-zero latency  With sub-10 miliseconds response time, lip movements accompany voice audio.
     Dual cameras  Capture full lower-face motion from all angles with accuracy: lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks and chin.
     IR illumination  Infrared illumination helps you maintain reliable and accurate tracking even in low light conditions.
     Unity and Unreal Engine support  Our SRAnipal SDK for VIVE Facial Tracker supports both Unity and Unreal Engine.
     Compatibility  VIVE Facial Tracker is compatible with the other models of the VIVE Pro series. You can combine it with VIVE Pro Eye for a whole-face tracking experience.
     Optimised runtime  Explore the full potential of this next frontier of VR with an optimized runtime for eye and face tracking.
     USB-C connector  Facial tracker seamlessly integrates with your current kit. You don't need any add-ons or adapters.
     High tracking FOV  Don't miss a single gesture. Wide-angle tracking means you get the whole picture.
     60 Hz tracking rate  Read facial expressions in real-time thanks to high fidelity tracking for lifelike interactions.

    Where to attach VIVE Facial Tracker to your headset?

    Install the VIVE Facial Tracker on the bottom of your VR headset. Before attaching it, make sure the surface is clean and free of debris.