VIVE FLOW - Limited edition

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Discover the limited edition VIVE Flow by Matts Digital, featuring a VIVE Flow headset, its controller, and a BELKIN external battery.
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VIVE Flow - Limited Edition

VIVE FLOW - Bundle - Limited editiob


  1. VIVE Flow: immersive VR glasses for well-being on the go

    Immersive VR glasses designed for well-being and productivity. Compact and lightweight, the VIVE Flow accompanies you wherever you go.

    Vive flow use case

    Customized adjustment

    The adjustable diopter lenses of the VIVE Flow headset provide custom focal adjustment, allowing you to find your ideal viewpoint. This feature ensures enhanced productivity through a spacious virtual workspace. It enables the streaming of phone applications onto a large private screen, and the screen casting functionality allows users to see in virtual reality what others are watching on a TV, PC, or tablet. VR session hosts also benefit from real-time feedback, enabling them to provide appropriate guidance.

    Unmatched comfort and lightweight desin

    The VIVE Flow headset stands out for its comfort and lightweight build. Easy to put on and take off, its unique design with a dual hinge ensures comfort and stability for various head shapes and sizes. Weighing just 189 grams, it provides total immersion without any additional weight.

    Exceptional visual clarity and sound

    The VIVE Flow also features exceptional visual clarity with a field of view up to 100, a 3.2K resolution, and a smooth refresh rate of 75Hz. Integrated speakers deliver immersive spatial sound, while noise-canceling and echo-canceling microphones ensure clear and uninterrupted communication.

    Simplify Your Immersive Experience with the HTC VIVE Flow Controller
    Included in this bundle is an HTC VIVE Flow controller, offering intuitive control and menu navigation with 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF).

    Enjoy a complete and streamlined immersive experience!

    Preserve the Battery Life of Your VIVE Flow
    BELKIN External battery
    Simultaneously charge up to three devices with two USB-A ports (12W) and one USB-C port (15W). The total charging power of 15W is shared among all ports when used simultaneously. The Belkin external battery extends the battery life of VIVE Flow glasses for up to 5 hours of continuous use, providing an extended immersive experience. With a capacity of 10,000mAh, users can fully enjoy the diverse functionalities of the VR headset.


  2. The box includes:

    - VIVE Flow headset

  3. Additionnaly:

    - A HTC VIVE Flow controller
    - An external battery 10 000 mAh BELKIN

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