VIVE FOCUS 3 Battery

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Interchangeable battery for HTC VIVE Focus 3
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Interchangeable battery for HTC VIVE Focus 3 (26,6 Wh)

  1. The removable and interchangeable battery is located on the back of your VIVE Focus 3

    Battery level LED indicator

    On the back of your Focus 3 headset is an LED indicator. It allows you to quickly and easily indicate the remaining charge level on each VR device.

    Removable battery with quick charge

    The batteries in the VIVE Focus 3 virtual reality headset can be removed and replaced very quickly. The benefits of having a standalone VR device can be maintained throughout an entire workday.

    Because the Focus 3 is designed for continuous use over long sessions, each full battery charge can last up to two hours. The Focus 3's replaceable batteries make it extremely easy to keep the headsets operational and wireless all day.

    Each battery can also be charged independently of the headset and thus be quickly filled to 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

    Ergonomic design

    Each battery pack has been cleverly designed to be curved to fit the natural shape of the user's head. HTC VIVE placed this battery pack at the back of the Focus 3 to achieve an even weight distribution between the front and back of the headset. This balance provides an even more immersive virtual reality experience for users, especially in a corporate environment. In fact, this ergonomic thinking greatly improves the stability of the headset, even with large movements, and greatly reduces virtual reality fatigue.

  2. Features of the removable battery for Focus 3

     Compatibility  HTC Vive Focus 3
     Battery type  Lithium-Polymer
     Autonomy  2 hours
     Power  26,6 Wh