VIVE FOCUS 3 - Eye Tracker

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Eye tracking for VIVE Focus 3
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Eye tracking accessories for VIVE Focus 3

  1. This accessory allows to improve significantly the VR immersion. Indeed, the eye tracker is placed on the VIVE Focus 3 virtual reality headset and analyzes the user's eye movements in order to transcribe them in virtual reality on his virtual avatar. 

    Simple and practical 

    Its minimalist design offers great discretion and does not alter the ergonomics of the headset. The magnetic attachment is very effective and allows you to add the eye tracker on your headset in no time. 

    What is eye tracking used for? 

    The latter allows you to follow the movement of your eyes when the user wears the headset, but for what purpose? There are several possible answers to this question.

    Firstly, eye tracking offers a real immersion when you are in a virtual world. Indeed, the virtual avatar imitates eye movements in order to participate in virtual collaborations more real than real (blinking, expressive interactions ...). 

    Secondly, eye tracking can be used as a tracking and analysis of eye movements, in order to identify different user behaviors. This allows, among other things, to understand the users' intentions and to improve the feedback (improve the customer journey...). 

    Finally, it is also possible to use eye tracking to replace portable controllers. Simplify input methods and implement eye-based menu navigation. It is possible to point, select and zoom without controllers. 

  2. Eye tracking features for VIVE Focus 3 

     Compatibility  VIVE Focus 3 
     Attachment  Magnétic
     Connectivity  USB-C
     Wieght  54g +/- 3g
     Data output frequency (binocular)  120 Hz