VIVE FOCUS 3 - Facial Tracker

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Facial Tracker for Vive Focus 3 
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Facial Tracker for Vive Focus 3 

  1. Accurately capture facial expressions and mouth movements. Read intentions and emotions in real time. Synchronize your lips with your virtual avatar with near zero latency.

    The Facial Tracker accessory is compatible only with the VIVE Focus 3 virtual reality headset. It allows you to bring your virtual avatar to life during different events or during VR discussions with your colleagues. The accessory is perfect for transcribing emotions in the virtual world. 

    Equipped with a tracking camera 

    The VIVE Focus 3 face tracker camera captures expressions with 38 combination shapes on the lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth and tongue.

    Fast connection

    Don't waste any more time with an ultra-simple connection via the built-in USB Type-C port. 

  2. Specs of Facial Tracker VIVE Focus 3 

     Compatibility  Vive Focus 3
     Connectivity  USB-C
     Weight  11.6 g +/-1g
     Sensor  Camera mono 60 Hz