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VIVE PRO  Complete Edition + VIVE Business Warranty and Services
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Bundle including VIVE Pro Full Kit + VIVE Enterprise Advantage.

VIVE Pro Full Kit, the professional-grade Virtual Reality headset. Room-scale precision tracking. Vibrant screen colours. Incredibly high contrast and realistic sounds. VIVE Pro is engineered for professional-grade VR. 

  1. Set up VIVE headset

    Crossing Realities

    True-to-life precision room-scale tracking. Ultra-vibrant screencolours. Incredibly high contrast and uber-realistic sounds. VIVE pro is engineered for professional-grade VR. 

    High Resolution AMOLED Screens 

    Spot every detail. See the difference with VIVE Pro. High resolution AMOLED screens, with super-rich colours and contrast, dazzle the eye and bring your imagination to life.

    3D Spatial Audio 

    Hear every world as intended by its creators. The Hi-Res certified HMD and headphones are now integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver for true-life immersive audio. The powerful amplifier is capable of driving high-impedance headphones, creating soundscapes that will change your world. The dual microphones allow for active noise cancellation as well as enabling Alert Mode and Conversation Mode, so you can hear your surroundings while being immersed in any realities without the need of taking off the headset. 

    Designed for comfort

    Optimized from top down for ergonomic comfort. Headset weight is evenly distributed to achieve a balanced centre of gravity. Suits a wide range of head shapes and sizes, and is adjustable for different pupillary distances. VIVE Pro is ideal for extendedsessions in VR.  

    STEAM VR™ Base Station 2.0

    Expand your horizons by adding additional base stations to track even larger interactive room-scale space.  

  2. specsheet vive pro
    VIVE Business Warranty & Services - VIVE Pro

    Limited 2-year warranty for commercial use 
    Exclusive service for your VIVE Pro headset
    Answers within 24 hours
    Repair service and corporate portal

    Minimum Computer Specs 

    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or AMD FX™ 8350, equivalent or higher
    • Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 or AMD Radeon ™ R9 290, equivalent or higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM or more
    • Video:DisplayPort 1.2 or newer
    • USB:1 USB 3.0 port or newer
    • Operating system: Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1 or newer, Windows® 10. Install Windows® 10 for best results with both front cameras
    • Graphics cards recommended for the best VR experience NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070/Quadro P5000 or higher, or AMD Radeon Vega 56/Pro WX7100/FirePro W9100 or higher

  3. VIVE Pro Full Kit includes :

    1 VIVE Pro headset
    1 Link box

    1 DisplayPort™ cable
    1 USB 3.0 cable
    1 Power adapter 
    2 Controllers (2018)
    2 base stations v2.0
    User guide 
    Safety guide and warranty card
    2-year warranty 

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