VIVE Wrist Tracker for Focus 3

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VIVE Wrist Tracker for Focus 3
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VIVE Wrist Tracker de poignet pour VIVE Focus 3

This new tracker accompanies your Vive Focus 3 headset by being worn like a watch on your wrist. The VIVE Wrist Tracker tracks the orientation and position of your hands up to the elbow to give you an even more immersive virtual reality experience.

Designed to complement existing controllers, the wrist tracker for VIVE Focus 3 enhances your simulation and training experiences where body position is important.

The VIVE Wrist Tracker for Focus 3 is able to convert 3DoF controllers to 6DoF by being 85% smaller and lighter than the VIVE Focus 3 controller.

In addition, the tracker charges via USB-C and offers 4 hours of battery life.