VIVE XR Elite - Battery Cradle

VIVE XR Elite - Battery Cradle

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Extend your immersion with seamless battery swaps
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Battery Cradle for VIVE XR Elite

  1. Extend your immersion

    The battery cradle for the Vive XR Elite is an innovative solution that significantly extends your immersive experience.

    It is a spare battery, designed to be easily interchangeable during a session with the XR Elite headset. Thanks to this feature, you can replace the battery without interrupting your activity or turning off the headset, thus ensuring uninterrupted continuity of your immersion.

    With this spare battery, you gain an additional 2 hours of use, providing you with increased freedom and flexibility to fully enjoy your favorite XR applications and games. 

  2. Specifications 

    Connection type USB-C
    Charging Time 1 hour
    Color Black Compatibility Exclusively for VIVE XR Elite
    Battery life 2 hours     

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    - 1 Battery Cradle - VIVE XR Elite 

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