VIVE XR Elite - Business Edition

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VIVE XR Elite the adaptive XR headset
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VIVE XR Elite the headset that adapts to your needs

  1. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled immersive experience with the Vive XR Elite headset. A true modern masterpiece, this revolutionary headset transports you into a virtual or real world, depending on your mood. In fact, you can very quickly switch from a fully immersive VR mode to an XR mode that corresponds to our world (thanks to cameras and various sensors) by adding virtual images with which you can interact.

    Stunning visual resolution

    The Vive XR Elite delivers stunning visual clarity thanks to its ultra-high resolution (3840 x 1920). Every detail is rendered with incredible precision, allowing you to lose yourself in strikingly real virtual environments.

    Extended field of view

    Enjoy an immersive visual experience thanks to an extended field of view (110). Immerse yourself in a world where your peripheral vision is fully engaged, giving you total immersion. You'll also benefit from a 90Hz frame rate for the smoothest possible immersion.

    Realistic spatialized sound

     The Vive XR Elite also transports you into a surprisingly realistic world of sound. With crisp, clear spatialized sound, you'll hear every breath, every whisper, as if you were actually present in the virtual environment.

    Optimum comfort

    these headphones have been designed with comfort in mind. The materials used are both lightweight and durable, offering a perfect fit for your head. What's more, the balanced weight distribution ensures that you can immerse yourself in the virtual world for long sessions without feeling any discomfort.

    Long-lasting battery 

    The Vive XR Elite features a detachable battery for quick and easy charging. The battery at the back of the headset creates a counterweight for balanced comfort. This ensures a continuous experience of up to 2 hours.

  2. Vive XR Elite features 

    specsheet vive xr elite

  3. Included in the box :

     VIVE XR headset
     Battery holder
     Controller (L)
     Controller (R)
     Cords x 2
     Microfiber pouch
     Top strap
     Type-C to Type-C cable
     Type-A to Type-C cable x 2
     Lens protection card
     Documentation (QSG / Safety Guide / Warranty Card)