VIVE XR Elite - Full face tracker

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Enhance your virtual reality experiences with the facial tracker for Vive XR Elite
190.00 €

  1. Advanced facial tracking technology

    The Vive XR Elite Facial Tracker revolutionizes your virtual reality experience by enabling precise and dynamic tracking of facial expressions. Seamlessly integrating into the Vive ecosystem, this accessory offers optimal compatibility with a variety of VR applications. Whether you're in a virtual meeting, streaming content, or fully immersed in a game, facial tracking captures each movement with impressive fidelity, adding a realistic and captivating dimension to your interactions.

    Easy installation and perfect compatibility

    Simple to install, the Facial Tracker securely attaches to the Vive XR Elite headset without compromising comfort or performance. Once in place, follow straightforward instructions for initial calibration. Its ergonomic design ensures smooth, uninterrupted use, allowing you to fully enjoy your VR sessions without hassle.

    Enhanced Immersion

    By capturing subtle nuances of facial expressions in real-time, the Vive XR Elite Facial Tracker enhances your VR experiences with striking realism. Redefine your virtual interactions by exploring a new level of immersion and engagement, making each interaction as natural and expressive as in the real world.

  2. Specifications 

    Type of connection  USB-C Compatibility VIVE XR Elite Headset
    Eye tracking frequency 120 Hz Mounting Magnetic
    Weight 80 g Sensors Single camera at 60 Hz        Diagonal field of view 151

  3. Included :

    VIVE Full Face Tracker
    VR Face Gasket
    Gasket Spacer x 2
    Quick start guide
    Safety guide
    Warranty card